She Finally Took in Pup Nobody Wanted, Soon Learns It's No Ordinary Dog


When puppies are found wandering by themselves, the kindness of a stranger in the right place at the right time can make their whole life change. So when a PetCo employee found a tiny pup in a nearby park with no humans around, that employee fostered her until she could find a permanent home.

But “permanent” turned out to be “bounced around.”

Someone, it’s unclear who, gave this dog the name of Penny, and she’s been from home to home, looking for her “furever” home.

She found it with a woman named Leonora Anzaldua. Anzaldua didn’t quite understand why this pup had been passed around — and frankly, we don’t either — but she was in for a surprise.

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Penny was incredibly smart.

It’s likely that she didn’t have enough mental stimulation in her previous homes, and so she became destructive to keep herself entertained.

She was also just 10 weeks old, so destructive is kind of synonymous with “puppy.” But Penny certainly found the best home for her surprising level of intelligence.

When Anzaldua started teaching her tricks, she was quick to pick up on just about everything.

She mastered the basics in just a few hours, and so her human decided it was time for something a bit more challenging.

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By eight months, she had mastered all the normal dog tricks and more, including some that most dogs never really grasp. Remembering that she read somewhere that dogs have the intelligence of a human toddler, she went out on a limb and decided to put shape recognition to the test.

Penny mastered that, too! And now, with advanced shape recognition, Penny can spell her name with big block letters and even answer the question, “Penny, what are you?”

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She’s a dog, and she spells it out in letters!

Watch below to see just how impressive this little pup is.

So, next time you’re thinking about how impressed you are that your dog can catch a treat out of the air, just remember this pretty pooch can spell her name. And answer the ever-important question of what she is.

We’re so happy this sweet little puppy found a home that keeps her happy, healthy, and intellectually stimulated.

Keep up the awesome updates, we can’t get enough of little Miss Penny!

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