Flashback: Joe Biden Declared Al Gore 'Was Elected President'


Newly unearthed comments show that Joe Biden declared in 2013 that former Democratic nominee Al Gore had won the 2000 presidential election and had chosen to be the bigger man by walking away from a victory that had been stolen from him.

That surely qualifies as an attack on the democratic process, given the president’s recent rhetoric. Biden has declared questioning election results to be downright unpatriotic — or worse.

On Tuesday, the Democrat said that people who don’t believe he won the 2020 election by receiving more votes than any candidate in history are akin to pre-Civil War slave owners. While Biden was speaking in Philadelphia, his rhetoric reared its ugly head as he lashed out at those who showed up in Washington on Jan. 6 to protest the election results.

“We’re facing the most significant test of our democracy since the Civil War,” Biden said, according to The Philadelphia Inquirer. “That’s not hyperbole — since the Civil War.”

“Confederates back then never breached the Capitol as insurrectionists did on Jan. 6,” he said.

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Biden then attacked those who call his win fraudulent, claiming they have bought into a “big lie” pushed by former President Donald Trump.

“The big lie is just that: a big lie,” the president said. “You don’t call facts ‘fake’ and then try to bring down the American experiment just because you’re unhappy. That’s not statesmanship, that’s selfishness. That’s not democracy, that’s the denial of the right to vote. It suppresses. It subjugates.”

Do you think the 2020 election was fairly decided?

But back before Biden was exaggerating the brief incursion of the U.S. Capitol as if it were an existential threat to the republic, he was questioning election results.

On June 12, 2013, he was introduced by Gore before a speech in Massachusetts, Yahoo News reported.

“This man was elected president of the United States of America,” Biden said of Gore during a campaign event for then-Democratic Senate candidate Ed Markey. “But for the good of the nation, when the bad decision, in my view, was made, he did the right thing for the nation.”

“Al, you set an example for this country that is going to live as long as recorded history, about the man who won by a decision that I think constitutional scholars now and in the future will conclude was an ill-fated decision,” he said.

Gore, of course, attempted to make a case in 2000 that he’d won. Those were simpler times — times when Sunshine State hanging chads were blanketing news coverage and the Supreme Court got involved.

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The then-vice president resigned to his fate and conceded after a month of nasty fighting between his camp and that of Republican George W. Bush, who had won the election.

Thirteen years later, Biden was on the campaign trail in Massachusetts and fired up a crowd of Democrats by questioning the results of a presidential election.

If I didn’t know better, I’d say he was behaving as a seditionist and a complete hypocrite.

Why are people not allowed to question election results during years in which transparency was nonexistent and millions of people and their pets were mailed unsolicited ballots?

The November election was a complete joke over the way it was handled in a number of battleground states, and if you question any of it, you could face a social media ban or other abuse. But it’s OK for Democrats to say anything they want.

Remember, it wasn’t all that long ago that failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton blamed her 2016 election loss to Trump on mysterious Russians.

What’s with these domestic terror threats?

Former insurrectionist Biden and other Democrats don’t want anyone questioning his supposedly historic win or auditing the votes. But a mere eight years ago, he attempted to campaign for Markey by portraying Bush as an illegitimate occupier of the White House.

The hypocrisy is stunning, though not at all surprising.

Gore, Clinton, Biden and others can all retroactively be labeled as pure insurrectionists. What kind of a wayward extremist would ever question the results of an election?

Biden, per the prevailing logic of modern leftists, attempted to topple our country on a June day back in 2013.

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