Florida Family Busted After Allegedly Making a Killing on COVID Cure Scam


It’s no secret that there are some terrible people in this world.

Unfortunately, it seems like terrible people thrive off of others’ fears during hard times — such as the pandemic.

Just like one Florida man and his three sons, who have been accused of selling tens of thousands of bottles of bleach they falsely claimed to be a “miracle cure” for COVID-19, according to authorities.

According to NBC News, “Mark Grenon, and his sons, Jonathan, Jordan and Joseph Grenon, were accused of fraud and violating civil court orders instructing them to stop selling the fake cure, which they promoted as ‘Miracle Mineral Solution,’ or MMS, according to documents filed Friday in Florida’s southern district.”

Mark Grenon allegedly threatened a federal judge while co-hosting a podcast last year, claiming her court order to halt his MMS sales was an act of “treason,” according to court documents.

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Court documents also revealed that the Grenon family allegedly mixed this “miracle cure” 45 miles south of Tampa in a backyard shed in Bradenton, Florida, NBC reported.

But the insanity doesn’t stop with allegedly going against the Food and Drug Administration’s warnings and ingesting bleach to “cure COVID-19.”

The Grenon family, affiliated with the cultish Genesis II Church of Health and Healing, marketed their “miracle concoction” as a cure-all for other ailments, including diabetes, cancer and autism, among others, authorities said.

Their alleged lies, deceit and negligence toward others led them to sell 28,000 bottles and earn more than $1 million, court documents said.

Do you blame those who took MMS for buying into Grenon's lies?

The Grenon family has now been indicted on federal charges, according to HuffPost.

Strangely, it appears that the Grenons are not the first to allegedly market MMS, however.

Vice reported that former Scientologist Jim Humble, founder of the Genesis II Church, “discovered” the mixture as a form of alternative medicine.

What the members of this cult have done is incredibly dangerous for those desperate to cure their ailments.

We’ve all heard warnings given to high-risk groups during the pandemic. Grenon and his sons took advantage of the people whose fear motivated them to try any form of “medicine” to ward off the virus.

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Of course, people like the Grenons allegedly thrive on such desperation and look for ways to make money, regardless of who they harm.

Still, it is essential that people do their research before relying on any cure they’re sold.

Last year, the FDA tweeted about “Miracle Mineral Solution,” stressing that “the solution, when mixed, develops into a dangerous bleach which has caused serious and potentially life-threatening side effects.”

Perhaps, if people had read into the solution’s history, they might have been informed enough to ignore the Grenons’ alleged false promises of a COVID cure.

We can only wonder what other insane developments will arise before the pandemic ends.

At least we can say one thing with confidence: Don’t drink bleach.

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