Former Clinton Strategist Doug Schoen Pleads with Democrats To Abandon Impeachment


A top Democratic political consultant blasted House Democrats’ impeachment push in an appearance on Fox News last week.

Doug Schoen, who worked as a pollster for former President Bill Clinton, made the comments on the network’s “Deep Dive” show.

Schoen portrayed the impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump as a mistake and a missed opportunity for his party.

“We Democrats are losing a huge opportunity,” he said, “because on issues like gun violence prevention, climate change, health care, we have an advantage.” (0:00 and following of Fox video)

“We won the midterm elections in 2018 because of the utilization, in part, of those issues.”

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The consultant went on to suggest that Democrats are avoiding those issues with their relentless impeachment agenda.

“To not take advantage of what people care about, which is real-world, day-to-day problems of our quality of life, and instead just keep focusing on impeachment,” Schoen said.

“If I were recommending to the Democrats what to do, I’d say vote for censure, get it and move on,” he continued.

“It’s hard for me to see that impeachment is anything but a very problematic issue for the party.”

Watch Schoen’s comments below.

Schoen has not been the only Democrat to criticize the House’s impeachment inquiry.

Earlier this month, New Jersey Rep. Jeff Van Drew spoke out against the impeachment process and the way his fellow House Democrats were conducting themselves.

Appearing on Fox’s “Maria Bartiromo’s Insiders,” Van Drew said that the process was “more like something you would see in Europe or third-world nations.”

Do you agree with Schoen that Democrats should move on from impeachment?
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Van Drew and fellow Democratic Rep. Collin Peterson of Minnesota were the only two House Democrats to vote against an October resolution that formalized the impeachment inquiry.

Despite their protestations, the House Intelligence Committee, chaired by California Rep. Adam Schiff, has continued to lead the impeachment charge, holding a series of hearings in recent weeks.

On Monday, Schiff announced in a letter to his Democratic colleagues that the committees conducting the inquiry will be releasing a report “summarizing the evidence” shortly after Congress returns from its Thanksgiving recess, according to CNBC.

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