Former Democrat Congressman and Regular MSNBC Guest Fired for Alleged Misconduct

A former congressman known for his frequent appearances on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” has been fired from his job as a financier after a woman claimed he sexually harassed her, according to multiple reports.

HuffPost first published revelations that Harold Ford Jr., a Democrat who served for a decade as a U.S. representative for Tennessee, was fired by Morgan Stanley after the firm learned that he allegedly victimized a woman several years ago.

According to a source at Morgan Stanley, Ford was “terminated for conduct inconsistent with our values and in violation of our policies.”

His accuser said she was not working with him directly at the time, but expected to discuss professional matters when she agreed to meet him for drinks one evening in Manhattan.

During their conversation, however, she claims he acted began to sexually harass and intimidate her, at one point grabbing her without consent.

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In a statement, Ford categorically denied the woman’s accusations.

“This simply did not happen,” he wrote in an email to HuffPost.

The 47-year-old former financial director denied ever forcibly grabbing anyone in his life.

“Having drinks and dinner for work is part of my job, and all of my outreach to the news reporter making these false allegations was professional and at the direction of my firm for business purposes,” he wrote.

According to his accuser, though, she sought assistance from a security guard immediately after he grabbed her.

She also reportedly produced an email she sent Ford in which she asked him to stop contacting her. In his response at the time, he apologized for anything he said that made her feel uncomfortable.

“And my overtures are strictly professional,” he wrote in an email to the woman.

HuffPost spoke to two additional sources who confirmed the woman shared the same details with them shortly after the meeting.

As he became the latest in a growing list of high-profile man to face allegations of sexual misconduct this year, Ford used his response to the accusations to express support for the women who have come forward.

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“False claims like this undermine the real silence breakers,” he wrote.

Ford vows next to take legal action “against the reporter who made these false claims” and his former employer “for improper termination.”