Fred Weinberg: It's Time To Double Down on a Trump Win and the American People

The 2020 presidential election is next week and I doubt any regular reader of this space has any doubt which way this publication leans.

As an individual, I decided about 15 weeks after President Trump announced in 2016 that he was going to win and he would do our nation great good.

I was correct.

And now, it’s time to double down.

For some reason, our president evokes the kind of hatred from the left that allows us to actually see what a good job he is doing. Simply put, if the best argument the left can make is a senile Joe Biden and the most left-leaning phony in the United States Senate, Kamala Harris, then it has no argument. Harris is even a bigger lib and a bigger phony than Chuck Schumer, if you can imagine that.

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Their whole campaign revolves around hating Trump. And, oh yeah, a continuation of Hillary positing that we who elected Trump in 2016 are rural, uneducated, racist — in short, deplorable. Apparently, living outside of New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and D.C. is bad, not holding a way overpriced advanced degree from an Ivy League school is bad and questioning the logic of burning down your own neighborhood makes you a racist and thus also bad.

That would appear to make the choice between Trump and Biden a choice between sanity and crazy. I’ll take not burning down cities over crazy any day of the week. I suspect so will a majority of my fellow citizens.

I’m not worried about cheating, voter fraud or any of the other ways the left thinks it has an advantage.

I still think the average American — that is, you and I — gets it right more often than wrong.

Do you think President Trump will be re-elected?

I also think that you and I do not get bulldozed by threats and other assorted bullcrap spewed by the Democratic alter ego — big media.

Most of us pay little or no attention to NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN and, most of all, the so-called social media. We get our news a little bit from local television, local radio and not much else. Which, believe it or not, is a good thing. We actually know who Hunter Biden is and what he has done. And we think it’s sleazy enough to cost “the big guy” the election. We also understand fake news polls, because we also saw them in 2016.

It’s too bad that the real “big buy,” Gordon Jump, who actually played Mr. Carlson in “WKRP,” is dead. He should sue Biden for appropriating a name he made famous.

And all those Hollywood wack jobs who say they will leave the country if Trump is re-elected? Please, this time, keep your word. Don’t let the doorknob hit your butts on the way out.

Then, there’s Biden somehow blaming the president for the coronavirus.

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In the immortal words of Kellyanne Conway, what a load of crap.

Turns out Joe has a “plan” for everything — just like Hillary did. And Joe’s “plan” looks remarkably like what Trump has already done. There were some differences. As an example, when Trump cut off travel from China in January, Joe said he had a “record of xenophobia.”

How does that work?

When the words “I have a plan” are uttered by a political candidate, remember that there are three branches of government and short of a gun (see Nancy Pelosi) very few “plans” get turned into reality.

Finally, there’s the Biden sleaze factor. Coke-brain son Hunter is exactly who we want cutting deals for Dad.

That’s the guy we want cleaning toilets in the White House. Right?

I think America is smarter than that. Much smarter.

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