Genius Toy Keeps Dog Standing Still, Bath Time Has Never Been Easier


Dogs are one of God’s greatest gifts to humankind. They’re loyal, loving, huggable, and downright good (most of the time).

But as they’ve been domesticated and become permanent indoor installations, dog owners have run into a problem. That ominous “dog” smell.

No matter how much you gussy up your little froo-froo dog, and no matter how many pink bows you put in its hair, it’s still a dog at heart. And dogs are animals with a penchant for getting into stinky things and steeping in the stench.

Even if your dog is relatively well-behaved, like people, they just start to smell after a bit. So we bathe them — but that opens up a Pandora’s box of problems all on its own.

While some dogs love bath time, many hate it. They’ll hide when they hear water running. They’ll splay all four legs and try to resist being put in a tub.

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If you’re blessed to have a pooch who doesn’t mind water, be thankful. You won’t have to experience the cajoling or dragging necessary to get your dog into the tub.

If you have a resistant bather, you’ve probably tried every trick in the book. Securing them with a leash to keep them from moving, keeping a hand on their collar at all times, or just locking the door to the bathroom and accepting that you are about to create a watery war zone.

But some clever people have come up with a simple life hack to help your recalcitrant pup actually look forward to tub time.

Some owners have already figured out the basics, unceremoniously slathering peanut butter against the wall of the tub to keep their dog busy while they get all soaped up.

But Rob and Megan Hoover have come up with a more refined version, and the results are impressive.

The Hoovers have designed an ingenious contraption to contain the peanut butter so you don’t end up having to hose down the entire tub.

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It’s called a “Bath Buddy,” and it’s a paw-shaped silicone mat that attaches to any flat, slick surface with a suction cup.

You simply spread peanut butter on the Bath Buddy, stick it at dog-level height, and they’ll stay glued to the peanut butter until they lap it all up.

Of course, depending on your dog and how much of a chow hound they are, you may have a very short span of time during which your dog holds still — but for those who are at their wits’ end, it’s certainly worth a try!

It will not, however, protect you from the smug shake at the end of bath time, when your dog ends up dry and you end up soaked in a matter of seconds.

Would this product work for your dog? Have you tried any other methods that are dog and owner-friendly?

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