Girl Trapped Inside Washer as It Filled with Water, Mom Releases Chilling Warning


When you are expecting a new little one in your life, you see your surroundings with new eyes.

No longer are you just seeing the way things in your home look and arranging them to be more aesthetically pleasing, you now have safety concerns in mind.

That mess of cords from the TV stand? They’ll get grabbed, yanked, tugged. Things will fall, little ones will get hurt, and the possibility of electrocution is enough to make a mother’s heart tremble.

The home is a warm and safe place for families to retreat to and live in, but it also hides a surprising number of potentially deadly items.

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Lindsey McIver almost lost her daughter to one on July 10, and now she’s adamant about warning other adults about the dangers of a common household machine. She posted her terrifying story on Facebook.

Two days before, on July 8, the family’s washing machine broke down. For a mom of three, that can be a little panic-inducing, but fortunately her husband got another one the next day.

“On Monday my husband went to Lowe’s and purchased this new front load washing machine,” she wrote. “We thought it was the ‘new and cool’ type of washing machine and didn’t think anything of it.”

They set up the washing machine as their three littles looked on. They warned their kids that this was not a toy and all three children agreed that they would not touch it.

You can see where this is going, especially if you’ve been around kids for any length of time. They’re little balls of energy and curiosity, and the new washing machine was intensely fascinating.

Tuesday morning is when tragedy almost struck. The morning after getting the nifty new machine, McIver’s 4-year-old son was a wreck.

“Early Tuesday morning we were woken up by our four-year-old son who was crying so hard he could barely talk,” she wrote.

“As I was trying to understand what he was saying, my husband flew out of bed and down the stairs. It was then that the realization hit. He had said: Kloe. Inside. Washer.”

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“By the time we reached the laundry room in the basement, my three-year-old daughter Kloe was LOCKED inside the airtight washing machine. It was tumbling and filling with water. She was screaming but you couldn’t hear her.”

McIver is incredibly thankful that they got to her in time to save her, and wrote that “we know we are very blessed and God had mercy on our sweet daughter.” Other than bumps and bruises, their daughter was fine — but this even could have ended very differently.

At first she didn’t know if she should post about the ordeal, since she knew the inevitable mom-shaming would take place, but her concern for the lives of other children like hers pushed her to make her appeal.

“I post this because I can honestly say we did not realize the danger of this machine,” she continued. “We are continually surprised at the new, inventive ways our kids come up with to try and die. And this was definitely a new one.”

The washing machine’s child safety lock feature has since been activated, and McIver has also bought a manual safety lock for the outside of the washer just to make absolutely sure nothing like this ever happens again.

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