Golden Globes Actress Flaunts "Poverty Is Sexist" Shirt... Then People See The Price Tag


How do you smugly pretend to hold the moral high ground while doing almost nothing to actually improve the world?

If you’re a Hollywood actress, it looks the the answer is a slogan and an outrageously priced piece of clothing.

“Nashville” star Connie Britton used both of those to “virtue signal” at the Golden Globes awards show on Sunday, and her choice of apparel is raising eyebrows from pundits and casual observers alike.

The actress arrived at the ceremony wearing a shirt that declared “Poverty Is Sexist” in cursive writing, a reference to singer Bono’s social media “hashtag” that uses the same phrase.

Yes, that’s Hollywood’s solution to global issues: Hashtags and custom shirts. To add to the puzzling choice, there’s the price tag: Nearly $400.

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“The sweater appears to be specially designed by Lingua Franca; similar pieces typically retail for around $380,” reported E! News.

If you’re confused about how a laughably overpriced shirt fixes poverty or what “Poverty Is Sexist” actually means, you’re not alone. Ending poverty is of course a noble objective, but a closer look at the oh-so-edgy Lingua Franca product line reveals that partisan political agendas are the real goal.

The company’s online store offers a collection of $380 shirts with liberal phrases, including “I Miss Barack,” “Resist,” and “The Future is Female.”

Wait — don’t liberals want gender equality? How is wanting only one sex to control the future even remotely balanced? What about the other 152 genders that the same crowd insists we recognize?

Imagine for a moment if, say, Donald Trump’s campaign store promoted a sweatshirt that declared “The Future Belongs To Men.” How sexist.

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Apparently nobody at the haute couture apparel shop stopped to consider that demanding women pay hundreds of dollars for one lousy sweater was a bit, well, exclusionary. Those prices have put the “socially conscious” shirts well out of reach of low-income women.

It seems that “resisting” is only for the rich and privileged.

In the end, that point is the real outrage of this hashtag activism and do-nothing social movement: It’s about posing and feeling superior, not really taking action to improve the lives of women.

If the liberal Hollywood elite truly cared about the rights of women, they would be protesting fundamentalist Islam and its widespread subjugation and mutilation of females.

If actresses really sought to prepare girls for success, they would speak out against useless degrees like — ironically enough — women’s studies, and champion challenging, well-paying careers with huge openings for young women, such as health care, engineering, and computer science.

If the smug Golden Globes crowd really wanted to improve women’s opportunities, they would fight for tax cuts and do everything possible to build strong economies, while rejecting failed socialism that drags people into shocking levels of poverty and despair.

But that would mean actually doing more than showing up on a red carpet wearing a sweater. We won’t hold our breath.

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