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Good Samaritan Rescues Woman Being Allegedly Punched by Husband 'At Least 20 Times' in Face


You’re sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic, wishing you were anywhere but there. As you wait for the cars to inch forward, you hear something startling.

Screaming. At first you’re not sure quite what’s happening, as it’s a bit muffled, but then you realize that the man driving next to you is wailing on the woman sitting next to him in the car.

The woman is screaming for help, yelling for the police, but he doesn’t stop. What do you do?

Well, if you’re 29-year-old Brandon Penrose of Roxburgh Park in Melbourne, Australia, you jump out of your car and run to assist.

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“I told him to get out of the car, and he just kept saying ‘I can do what I want,'” Penrose told Nine News. He said he saw the woman get punched in the face at least 20 times.

Penrose automatically intervened, getting a lashing from the man with a steering wheel lock for his efforts. The 64-year-old man was livid and left Penrose with some painful reminders of his intervention.

Thankfully, others saw what was happening and came to Penrose’s aid, helping hold the abusive man still until authorities arrived. The woman was obviously incredibly grateful, and many online have hailed Penrose a hero.

Would you jump into action if you saw something like this taking place?

“She just kept saying ‘thank you, thank you’ and she was just really out of it and shaken up,” Penrose said.

“Today is national women’s day and I would just like to Thank the Good Samaritans that helped restrain the guy with me and of corse the police for rocking up so fast and they did a great job and arrested the woman basher,” he wrote in a Facebook post.

“And thank you to everyone for the support and love with messages and calls I will respond when I can my phone has been going off tap from 7,9 and 10 news , daily mail and the 3aw radio interview I done this morning.

“Just letting you know I was in and out of hospital with in a few hours my arm isn’t broken it’s just swollen and other parts of my body is just abit bruised. I feel for the lady who was getting beatin up by her husband I just hope that she is ok and doesn’t have to go through this again.”

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“Or any woman should never get a hand layed on them and I thank my entire family for bringing me up in such a way that it’s not ok to hit women from a young age.”

Later he posted a link to an interview where he urged anyone confronted with a similar situation to act immediately.

“I was nearly in tears,” he said, “it made me sick. I think he’s a low-life scum – for someone to do that, it’s just absolutely disgusting.”

The man was taken in for questioning but was let go again. One spokesperson said they expect he will be charged with assault. The woman sustained minor injuries and is reported to be doing well.

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