Grandma Flushes Three 30-Year-Old Rings Down Toilet. Left in Tears Over Horrible Mistake


Dayton, Ohio, resident Krista Ramey, 50, has been wearing three very special rings since she was married almost 30 years ago.

Those rings include her engagement ring, her wedding band, and her husband’s wedding band, which she wears so he doesn’t lose it working with his hands all day.

But when she was cleaning her bathroom one day, she watched in horror as they all fell into the toilet.

“I didn’t notice I had lost so much weight that my rings were loosening on my hand,” she said. “My life flashed before my eyes. I gave the worst scream ever and everyone in the house panicked.”

And in her panicked state, Krista accidentally flushed the rings down the toilet.

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Her husband began taking apart the toilet and looking through the drains for the rings, but he had no luck.

Krista began to believe all hope was lost and cried herself to sleep that night.

“I cried the whole night,” she said. “My rings, when I look at them, I see my grandchildren. I see my sister, my mother, my father, who is no longer here.”

Have you ever dropped your jewelry down the drain?

The couple began contacting multiple plumbing companies, but each told them that the rings were gone forever. Then they came across a plumbing company, Mr. Rooter, that specializes in finding lost jewelry.

When the crew came the following day, they used a small camera to look into the pipes. And sure enough, they saw the rings!

But the plumbers warned Krista that if she used any water in her house in the next 24 hours, they’d be gone for good.

“I could not sleep that night because I didn’t want no one touching a faucet or flushing no toilet — not even use the ice out of the ice maker,” she said laughing.

The following day, workers came and began digging through the backyard to find the rings. After six hours of digging around the piping, they finally had the rings in their hands.

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“They even had the courtesy to put the rings in jewelry cleaner because they didn’t want to give them to me full of crap,” Krista said. “They were restored – no scratches, no bends. I didn’t lose my stones.”

The rings, worth about $3,000, cost about $3,000 to retrieve. But to Krista, it was well worth it to see them back on her finger.

“I’m crying all over again,” she said. “I was so emotional. I went through so many emotions I think I aged two years.”

“It reminds me why I am here in this world every day,” she continued. “When I go to look at those rings, I know no matter what I go through, God gave me someone special.”

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