Hilarious Owner Dresses Dog Up in Alligator Costume and Lets It Chase People at Night

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With Halloween just around the corner, all sorts of scary pranks are making the rounds on the internet. They’re generally more fun to watch than to be involved in, though.

Most of us love dogs, and many of us love pranks. Combine the two, and you’ve got a killer scenario just waiting to be realized.

Some people working for Camera Escondida, a Brazilian TV station, wanted to cash in on this promising combination.

They took one of the world’s cutest animals, a French bulldog, and one of the world’s most terrifying animals, an alligator, and found a place with plenty of people walking around.

The poor little bulldog was outfitted with a lightweight alligator costume and set loose to prey upon the masses. They pulled the prank at night, probably best to enhance the scare factor and reduce the chance that someone would spot the costume too early.

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The alligator-bulldog waited until people were walking by, and then charged. The pup probably thought he was just making some new friends and going for a stroll, but he doesn’t realize how terrifying he looks.

Imagine being the dog and just wanting to say hi to other people — but every time you try to approach someone in a friendly manner, they go running off!

The prank first gets pulled at a park where the alligator can hide behind the plants and surprise unsuspecting walkers. It takes them a minute, but once they realize there’s a alligator trotting alongside them, they lose it.

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The prank is repeated near bus stops and around the darkened city, and crowds scatter before the fake reptile, screaming and cursing as they run.

Others have come up with similar ideas, like the person who outfitted a dog in a spider suit and set up fake webs and carnage to terrify passers-by.

Dressing dogs up has become a lot more popular over the years, as dogs become the new kids. They’re loving little beings that permit themselves to be doted upon, and because of that, they also tend to be dragged into the Halloween scene (hey, if there are cookies involved, it’s all good!).

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Of course, there are less-scary costumes out there, but what they lack in the terror department, they more than make up for with cuteness.

What would you do if confronted with an oddly-gaited alligator or spider during the night? Would your flight instincts kick in, or would you stick around to see what was going on?

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