Huckabee: Guatemala Official Blames Obama's 'Left-Wing Policies of Failure' for Fueling Migration to US


Stop the presses (if there still are presses anywhere!) “Beto” O’Rourke was actually right about something!

Well, partially.

He said that the flood of migrants from Central America was due to climate change that was “not caused by God nor Mother Nature,” but by the United States.

Of course, most of that is sheer nonsense, but it turns out he was sort of right about the U.S. being partly to blame for all the migrants — just not at all in the way he thinks.

Guatemala’s Secretary of Strategic Intelligence, Mario Duarte, who should know why his countrymen are fleeing to the U.S, told Breitbart radio that it is largely the fault of the U.S.

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Not because of climate change but because the Obama administration pressured Guatemala to adopt “left-wing policies of failure” that destroyed businesses and jobs, leaving workers no choice but to try to go to America to feed their families.

Click the link above to read or hear the interview in which Duarte claims that (on the day after Trump was elected, coincidentally) Democrats in the State Department started forcing Guatemala to appoint “social justice warrior” judges and magistrates to its courts, who then imposed leftist jurisprudence that took away people’s rights to run their businesses and forced many companies to shut down or lay off workers.

Duarte said Guatemalans fought communism and don’t want it; they just want a chance to work and succeed, but it’s being denied to them by the same failed leftist policies the Democrats want to impose here.

Maybe that’s their plan to reduce illegal immigration: turn the U.S. into Central America so there are no jobs for illegal immigrants to come here and take.

Trump’s campaign slogan was “Make America Great Again,” and the Democrats’ can be “Make America Guatemala.”

Incidentally, Duarte also claims that the “caravans” are not organic but are organized by the U.S. and locally-based left-wing NGO’s to weaponize migrants and use them as political weapons.

I’m counting the minutes until AOC accuses Duarte of being a racist who hates Hispanics for saying all this.

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