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The Democrats' Fake Outrage over 'Send Her Back' Chants Is Pure Hypocrisy

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The Democrats and the media are still banging on about how fascism has come to America because some people at a Trump rally chanted “Send her home” at the mention of Rep. Ilhan Omar on Tuesday.

Well, of course, that’s still a major story, they say. Talking about deporting a naturalized U.S. citizen just because they don’t like her politics (which include badmouthing America, making anti-Semitic statements, downplaying 9/11 and praising al-Queda)?! Why, it’s Nazism! It’s unheard-of in America!  It’s unprecedented!

Except it’s not unprecedented. In fact, their side did it only two years ago.

As Matt Vespa at reminds us, early on in Trump’s term, Dr. Sebastian Gorka was the Deputy Assistant to the President, and Democrats hated him with the blazing heat of a thousand suns because…because…well because he was the Deputy Assistant to President Trump, I guess. (You can ask my daughter how rational their hatred of Trump’s staffers is.)

They tried to smear him as a Nazi, not only calling for an investigation into partisan rumors that linked him to a far-right group in his native Hungary, but top Congressional Democrats and tireless Trump critics Sen. Dick Durban and yes, the “conscience of the Congress,” Rep. Jerry Nadler actually demanded to see his immigration papers. (Saying, “You will show us your papers!” sounds awfully Nazi-like to me.)

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Nadler wrote in a letter to Trump that the Judiciary Committee had to “be assured that he did not enter this country under false pretenses.”

And if they managed to sniff out any irregularities? Some Congressional Democrats wanted to strip him of his American citizenship and deport him.

That’s right, they wanted to (say it with me): “Send him back!  Send him back! Send him back!”

In fact, it’s still going on today. In the wake of the Omar hoo-ha, leftists are showing how far above such outrageous behavior they are by reviving their groundless call to deport Gorka. There’s even a Twitter hashtag for it.

As long as I’m at it, I’ll also point to this video, where Georgetown University students express outrage at Trump for his comments about the necessity of deporting criminal illegal immigrants.

They call it “racism,” “xenophobia” and “white nationalism.” Watch their reactions when they learn that’s not a quote from Trump. It’s what Obama said in a speech on immigration law enforcement in 2014.

So please, Democrats, spare us your fake outrage over this “unprecedented” chanting incident that is a far milder echo of what you tried to use your official government powers to do just two years ago.

For those of us who’ve been watching you for years, these tactics are starting to repeat on us like a bad burrito. We’ve heard your hypocritical cries of outrage more times than we’ve heard our own alarm clocks.

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And to repeat an analogy that I’ve used almost as many times as you’ve accused mainstream Republicans of being the next Hitler, you are like the police captain in the movie “Casablanca” who expresses “shock” to discover there’s gambling going on in Rick’s Café as he’s pocketing his winnings.

In short, we’ve carefully examined your claims of being outraged and offended, found them to be defective, and we’re sending them back.

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