Illegal Uber Driver Accused of Rape Escapes After Court Lets Him Out


An Uber driver charged with allegedly raping a passenger in early April was able to flee the U.S. after police did not notify immigration agents about the arrest, according to a Wednesday report.

The driver was an illegal immigrant from Ghana, Frederick Amfo, 30.

He was arrested after a woman said he locked the doors on her during a ride home and raped her in his car on April 8.

After he was arrested, using a rape kit and DNA evidence, Amfo was released on a $10,000 bond. Three days later, he hopped a plane back home to Ghana, Fox News reported.

Amfo was reportedly supposed to surrender his passport after he was arrested, but he did not.

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A federal immigration detainer should have been placed on Amfo, which would have prevented him from fleeing the U.S., an Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokesman told Boston 25.

“The court chose not to forward the detainer to Norfolk County, allowing for his subsequent release on bail from custody,” ICE said in a statement.

“This case highlights the potential dangers of policies that prohibit cooperation with ICE.”

The victim, Emily Murray, explained how “angry” and “confused” she was in an interview with Boston 25.

Do you think he should have been reported to ICE?

“A loss for words,” Murray said. “I was angry; I’m still angry. I’m confused.”

“Within minutes, I was in a situation I couldn’t control, and I was assaulted,” she said.

Amfo has not been held accountable for the crime, Murray said.

If Murray committed a crime in Ghana, she would not expect to be able to get on a plane back home without punishment, she added.

“If I went to Ghana and I committed a crime, I wouldn’t expect to be able to hop on a plane and say, ‘sorry about that, here’s some money,’” she said Tuesday.

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“I would expect to answer for it. Accountability. And there had been just zero.”

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