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Internet Explodes After Cop Is Seen with Giant Dairy Queen Spoon on Car, Then It Becomes Clear What Happened


A giant spoon was spotted on top of a police car in Phoenix on Monday.

Yes, you read that correctly — a 15-foot spoon, to be exact.

The journey of how the oversized utensil found its way into police custody began early on the morning of March 26 outside of a Dairy Queen in the Arizona capital, KNXV-TV reported.

Three individuals, two men and a woman, are at the center of the spoon heist. The unknown trio decided to pluck it from the ground outside of the restaurant and carry it off to a black truck.

A week passed since the caper with no sign of the spoon.

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But that all changed on Monday morning when Michael Foster decided to head outside to play the popular mobile phone game “Pokémon Go,” according to KSAZ-TV.

Foster, potentially trying to capture a Bulbasaur or maybe a Squirtle, came upon something even rarer — the elusive red spoon.

He recalled his reaction to the discovery: “What is a big spoon doing here? And then I remembered the night before on the news my wife and I had seen that they had lost the spoon.”

“So the first thing I did was message the wife, ‘I found the spoon,’ and she responded, ‘Call the police,'” Foster told KSAZ.

And so he took his wife’s advice and did just that.

The police ended up loading it on top of an SUV, but not before Foster was able to snap a few pictures of it.

The individuals who stole the spoon remain at large, and surveillance footage was released showing the crime.

“The theft continues to be investigated by detectives to find the people responsible for taking the property,” police said, per KSAZ.

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KNXV reported the crime is considered felony theft, as the value of the spoon is roughly $3,500.

The absurdity of the whole ordeal led some to poke fun at it, including the outlet with the line, “It’s been a ‘rocky road’ for one giant Dairy Queen spoon.”

A flurry of Facebook comments ensued, with one user writing, “The bad guys had to fork it over.”

“Sometimes those blizzards are so thick you need a little something more than the cheap plastic ones,” another said.

As for the man who found it, he told KNXV, “I’m just glad that they got their spoon back.”

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