Iranian Freedom Fighter Lists People He's Thankful for... They're All Hated by the MSM

Though the immensely misguided media loathe critics of radical Islam, one Iranian-American political analyst and freedom fighter who actually experienced this sick ideology firsthand as a child appreciates them with all his heart. That man is Amil Imani.

Writing for Capitol Hill Outsider this week, Imani explained why passionate critics of radical Islam such as Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer deserve every patriotic American’s gratitude, including his own.

“In my opinion, the liberty-loving people of America and the world owe a debt of gratitude to Pamela and Robert, for valiantly exposing the racist and supremacist nature of the barbarity of Islam, for fearlessly braving where others dare not tread, and for passionately defending freedom of speech, rights of the individual and oppressed people of the world,” he wrote.

“On behalf of all freedom loving Iranians, I want to say: Thank you,” he continued. “Thank you for reporting the Truth while the MSM blocked the accurate flow of news from reaching the public. Thank you for standing with the valiant Iranian people.”

Coming from Imani, this praise ought to serve as a loud wake-up call to the media, as this Iranian-American man truly understands Islam in a way they never can.

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“My name is Amil Imani, and I am a former Muslim from Iran,” he explained in a blog post published a couple years back.

Designed to serve as an autobiography, the post recounted how, after growing up “in a Muslim family in Iran” and being “literally enveloped by Islam and everything Islamic,” Imani discovered the truth about radical Islam on his own.

“(T)he Quran is full of what could be called ‘hate speech’ against non-Muslims. … As an ethical and loving person, I just could not hate those billions of non-believing human beings, as required by holy writ,” he wrote.

“Islam today is dysfunctional, to say the least,” he continued, pivoting his attention to the present. “As a matter of fact, Islam went astray from the very beginning and inflicted a great deal of suffering on both its followers and those who resisted its advance.”

“Life is precious. It is to be protected, nurtured and celebrated. Mankind is moving, perhaps at a glacier pace, toward reconciliation and ever-expanding inclusiveness, without any group or ideology imposing itself on others. Any attempt against this trend of “unity in diversity” is doomed to failure, as exemplified by the demise of fascism and communism.

“The political system of Islam, just like fascism and communism, is likewise a dysfunctional ideology that needs to be abandoned. Humanity has matured considerably since the time of Muhammad. In order to continue its forward march, mankind must follow a roadmap appropriate for its age and state of development.”

Here’s what’s so astounding about what Imani has written over his career: His words match those of Geller and Spencer to a T.

In other words, the same critics of Islam whom the media disparage as hateful and whatever else see perfectly eye-to-eye with a man who actually came from the Muslim world and was once a Muslim himself.

Now let me ask you this: Whom do you trust more — the “wisdom” of a duplicitous, politically correct media that constantly lies to the American people, or two sincere patriots who merely seek to expose the truth about radical Islam to everyone both here and abroad.

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You and I already know what Imani’s answer to that question would be …

H/T Jihad Watch

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