ISIS Releases New Posters of Trump Execution, Seattle Burning


Islamic State group sympathizers released two posters this week that depict threatening scenes of the president of the United States and a major U.S. city, PJ Media reported.

In the terrorist group’s first poster, President Donald Trump’s head is edited onto the body of a kneeling prisoner as a masked Islamic State terrorist stands beside him holding a knife.

Trump is shown wearing an orange jumpsuit as many Islamic State prisoners have worn in the terrorist group’s execution videos.

The poster reads, “Soon In Your Country” and “A Message To America.”

In the poster’s background are stain glassed windows and church pews.

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The second propaganda poster depicts Trump kneeling in camouflage gear, with an Islamic State terrorist pointing a gun toward his head.

The city of Seattle is shown burning in the background.

To the right, another jihadi stands with his foot on a disembodied head.

Do you think the Islamic State group will ever be completely defeated?

A warning reads, “Soon…the calamities will be in your lands until it is filled with charred skulls.”

Despite the terrorist group’s ominous threats, it has taken significant hits since 2016.

Iraq’s second largest city, Mosul, was retaken from the terrorist group by Iraqi and Kurdish forces in July last year. Then in October, the caliphate’s capital of Raqqa fell to Syrian Democratic Forces.

Although Islamic State forces have all but been destroyed in Iraq, Islamic terrorists have been recapturing land in Syria, according to Col. Ryan Dillon, a spokesperson for the U.S.-led Operation Inherent Resolve coalition.

He explained that the estimate of how much territory the group has lost is now lower than it was just a few weeks ago, BuzzFeed News reported.

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“We had said 98 percent … but as we’ve seen ISIS start to resurge in areas west of the Euphrates River, we’ll just keep it at well over 90 percent of the territory that ISIS used to have has been retaken,” Dillon told reporters at the Pentagon.

“As we look at ISIS in areas where we are not operating, where we are not supporting our partners on the ground, there has been ISIS elements who have been able to come back and take territory (including in) some of the neighbourhoods in southern Damascus.”

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