Itxu Díaz: China Endangers the World Once Again - And May Get Off Scot-Free


Here’s some friendly dental advice: Keep your mouth shut this week.

Within the next few days, a pile of communist space rubble is expected to plummet uncontrollably from the sky and crash against some random location on Earth.

It’s highly unlikely to negatively affect Xi Jinping’s interests, despite our most fervent wishes, which are almost as intense as those of the more than one billion Chinese subjected to the communist revolution.

And the only consolation that science grants us, the inhabitants of the free world, is that given the vastness of the sea, only in the case of very bad luck would it fall on you.

Thanks for that, friends.

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A 20-ton, 50-meter-long module was launched into space by the regime on April 29 to place a new satellite into orbit, and it’s safe to assume that it will not be used to alleviate Chinese hunger by raining down sandwiches.

Not even a year has passed since the last time a Chinese space experiment nearly caused a massacre when a pile of debris soared over New York, crashing minutes later into several small towns off the Ivory Coast.

Someone should teach the communists that a basic rule of good etiquette is to clean up your trash. Another is not to steal what isn’t yours. But they will never understand this. Sometimes I think these guys skipped kindergarten. And they probably didn’t have a grandmother.

Xi Jinping’s cronies have labeled the mission as “a success.” And it is, I suppose, if we exclude the detail that, on its controlled return to land, the Long March 5B accidentally got stuck in Earth’s orbit, spinning uncontrollably at thousands of miles per hour, making one complete revolution every 90 minutes.

Do you think China is a responsible player on the world stage?

Now gravity will pull it in and it will be sucked into our atmosphere, falling without warning into an indefinite range between Madrid and New Zealand, which is the typical margin of error that communism takes for granted for anything.

It doesn’t matter if it’s overseeing a pandemic, a nuclear test or the economic planning of the country.

Debris from Long March 5B from this successful mission is expected to hit land on May 10. Although again, there’s a small margin of error: It could happen up to 41 hours before or after.

This is no concern whatsoever of Xi Jinping, mind you, who bit by bit is spreading the little respect he has for the life of the Chinese to the rest of the citizens of the world, without anyone suggesting that perhaps he should test out this junk in his living room first.

For communism, one, one hundred or three million lives are worth nothing, as long as the leader of the revolution is safe in his bunker. Some things never change.

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Not even in light of the pandemic, caused by the Chinese communists, has the free world awakened from its romantic love affair with the butcher Xi Jinping and the rest of the rats on board. But it wouldn’t hurt for the White House — hello, Joe, good morning, come on, get up, breakfast time! — to speak up about this new outrage against the legality of space experimentation, and for the U.N. dinosaurs to stand up to the communist giant for once, if only out of fear that the impact might extinguish them.

But that won’t happen. Silence is guaranteed, unless the scrap metal hits Kamala Harris’ yard. We already know that Chinese space litter, like its miraculous factories, is the only one in the world that doesn’t pollute.

So don’t expect any complaints from the apostles of environmentalism either, who are always very busy fighting against the plastic from the American and European middle-class homes; of course, the plastic of the Chinese is also immaculate.

As soon as it falls into the ocean, Chinese plastic swims to a deserted island, burying itself in a deep sealed well without harming the environment. That’s an advantage of being a communist — your trash smells like flowers and is invisible to Greta Thunberg and John Kerry.

All we can do is pray that Long March 5B is destroyed as much as possible when entering the atmosphere and that its remains fall into the water — if possible on top of some endangered whale.

Then, perhaps, someone will decide to inquire if there is any reason why all countries must submit to basic rules of coexistence, except for China, which in less than a year allowed for more than three million deaths from coronavirus, by hiding and spreading the epidemic, and a few months later announces that a 20-ton piece of junk is traveling uncontrollably in the direction of Earth as if it were another harmless prank by Xi Jinping.

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