Jokester's 'Epic' Prank Call To Papa John's Backfires As Video Records

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If you grew up in the time of easily accessible telephones and have a bit of prankster in you, you were probably involved in prank calling at some point in time.

Even if you weren’t, you’re probably familiar with the way most prank calls go. Someone dials a number, says something ridiculous or appalling, and then ends the call and dies laughing.

As technology has advanced, people (especially young people roaming in herds) have found more creative ways to spin the traditional format.

But this particular jokester had something else in mind — a sort of prank call inception. Why not call two separate parties and see what happens when they talk to each other?

The target was chosen: Papa John’s. They’re used to getting calls from customers, they have opening lines, and they’re supposed to remain composed and polite throughout the interaction.

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So the prankster called one Papa John’s on one phone and another Papa John’s on another phone, and then held the phones near each other so chaos could ensue.

There was the expected confusion in the beginning. Their greetings overlapped, leaving the two employees pausing and then saying “Hello?” and trying to figure out what was happening.

“Hello, this is Bryan, how may I help you?”

“Uh, no, this is Jodi. How may I help you?”

The man explained that he was at Papa John’s North Place, and the woman said she was at Papa John’s South Place. She laughed, and he tried to explain that he’d picked up the call and she had answered, so clearly she must be calling him.

The situation quickly shifts as Jodi brings another player into the game. “I think Brittany wanted to talk to you,” she said. “Hold on.”

Somehow, despite the original intent, the call turned out to be very productive. It turned out that Papa John’s South needed some more supplies to get through the dinner rush, and Papa John’s North could spare them.

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For at least two minutes the two talked logistics until they worked out the details. The prank callers managed to stifle their laughter, and they erupted in laughter only after the two Papa John’s representatives had ended their calls.

The YouTube comments on this video are insightful and congratulatory. One person commented on what could have been a fatal flaw in the prankster’s plan, asking what would have happened if the Papa John’s guy had hit redial.

“Dude, you are a gentleman prankster, you held the phones till they finished the dough deal,” another person commented.

Whether or not “gentleman prankster” is a fitting title for the mastermind behind this scheme, he certainly fostered an unexpected and entertaining exchange!

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