Jon Voight Issues Perfect Response After Pro-Abortion Activists Attack His New Film


The movie has not even been released yet, but from the beginning of its production, “Roe v. Wade” has been under fire from critics. Plagued with troubles, the film production continued and the movie is now slated to be released in March.

When the Daily Mail caught up with one of the movie’s stars, Jon Voight, he let loose on critics who had not even seen the film but were mercilessly attacking it anyway. He made it clear that the movie provides information and insight that the public may be unaware of to a large degree.

“There is so much stuff that has been said about Roe vs. Wade, this decision of the Supreme Court in the 70s. Really people are talking about it and getting excited and upset but they know nothing about it.” Voight said.

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“Thank God somebody said let’s make a movie about it and show all the aspects,” Voight said. “The script was loaded with information that I never heard before. It is going to be exciting for people to see.”

“This moment – it is the tenure of the times that there is a lot of emotion and not an awful lot of scholarship – looking into things and finding the truth. So the thing is to encourage everybody to look for the truth,” Voight said.

“This will help. And that is why I did it,” Voight said. “I said this is going to help.”

“We will all go to school a little bit. Hopefully, it will be entertaining too. There are some very good actors in it,” Voight said.

Will you go see the "Roe v. Wade" movie?

Voight is far from the only conservative actor in Hollywood to come under fire for his beliefs. He is also not the only one who hits back against the attacks.

Also associated with the film as a director, producer, and actor, Nick Loeb has been public about his own pro-life stance. He, too, has hit back at critics, with one of those instances occurring during an interview with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson.

Loeb outlined the problem he had with making a film that didn’t celebrate abortion He cited fundraising difficulties in Hollywood, along with efforts to hamper fundraising through crowdfunding, although those were not the only challenges faced.

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Then he explained what he believed was the reason behind those problems. “(In the movie) we talk about essentially the story of the film, of what happens, and how the media was manipulated by some of the characters, like Dr. Bernard Nathanson and Larry Lader and Betty Freiean.”

“And how they were lied to about back-alley abortions and how many women were dying, and made up fake numbers for the media to have fake news back then, to push their agenda. And a lot of the truth we talk about in the film, a lot of poeple don’t want that truth to come out,” Loeb said.

Loeb may have a point. Recently there has been a rash of attempts to push pro-abortion legislation. New York’s new law that allows for full-term abortion is just one example of this trend.

Just like how the “Gosnell” movie did well with audiences and helped change minds about abortion, this movie may have the same impact. That would be disastrous for the pro-choice crowd.

The teaser for the “Roe v. Wade” movie may be viewed below. It shows that the movie is what Loeb and Voight claimed, which is a look at the story of how the controversial decision came to be.

Interestingly, one of the people at the heart of the controversial Roe v. Wade Supreme Court ruling, Norma Leah McCorvey, the woman known as “Jane Roe,” later became a pro-life activist. She
issued a powerful statement prior to her death in 2017.

“Upon knowing God, I realized that my case, which legalized abortion on demand, was the biggest mistake of my life. You see, abortion has eliminated 50 million innocent babies in the U.S. alone since 1973. Abortion scars an untold number of post-abortive mothers and fathers and families, too,” McCorvey said.

Her newfound stance was something the left conveniently ignored for years, while simultaneously touting the court ruling that bore her pseudonym. That never stopped her, however, from being public with her shame over what happened and being an active voice for the pro-life cause.

Actor James Woods is another example of someone in Hollywood who is attacked for his beliefs and fires right back. He doesn’t always even wait for attacks, he just regularly launches a blitz on the narratives pushed by the left in brutal fashion.

All of the aforementioned individuals represent just a small sampling of conservatives who refuse to back down to leftist critics and trolls. They continue to fight the good fight with words and with projects such as the “Roe v. Wade” movie, to help get the truth into the public limelight and begin real discussions, based in facts.

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