Huge: Kanye Condemns 'Welfare Mentality,' Says It's What Led Him To Criticize Bush


In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, singer Kanye West was among several celebrities who addressed the needs of those hit by the disaster. Within the message was a statement from Kanye that President Bush didn’t “care about black people.”

Since making those remarks, Kanye had publicly apologized to Bush. In his apology, he stated that he had “made mistakes” and had “grown as a person.”

But during his meeting with President Donald Trump at the White House today, the topic came up again.

Kanye explained his criticism of Bush at the time as being due to being “programmed.”

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His statement was that “I was very emotional & I was programmed to think from a victimized mentality, a welfare mentality.”

Kanye’s experience fits with the narrative many black conservatives express regarding the “Democrat Plantation” and Democrats pushing “victimhood” and “welfare mentality” on them.

Kanye took it even further and addressed how racism ties in with the Democrat Plantation and claims of racism against President Donald Trump. It came up when a reporter at the event asked him about Trump and racism.

“A liberal would try to control a black person through the concept of racism because we know we’re very proud, emotional people. So when I said I like Trump to like someone liberal, they’ll say, oh, but he’s racist.”

“You think racism can control me? Oh, that don’t stop me. That’s an invisible wall.”

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According to the Washington Examiner, Kanye went even further with his emotional response, adding hope for black Americans in the form of a solution.

” … as black people we have to take responsibility for what we’re doing. We kill each other more than police officers.”

Do you agree with Kanye West?

He also called on various entities to do better and focus on what would really help the black community. His solution included showing respect for the president, and Kanye explained why that mattered.

“What I need ‘Saturday Night Live’ to improve on or what I need the liberals to improve on is if he don’t look good, we don’t look good. This is our president.”

“He has to be the freshest, the flyest, the flyest planes, the best factories, and we have to make our core be empowered, we have to bring jobs.”

President Trump mentioned that Kanye “gets it” and his statements show that he does indeed.

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