Kevin McCarthy Delivers Devastating Impeachment News to Joe Biden


House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has announced that President Joe Biden’s days as a non-impeached president are likely numbered.

Speaking Monday night with Fox News’ Sean Hannity, McCarthy said ongoing investigations into the Biden family could serve as grounds for impeaching the president.

The facts being revealed, he said, are “rising to the level of an impeachment inquiry.”

McCarthy began his comments about Biden by noting the president had not been honest with the American people about his involvement in his son Hunter’s business affairs.

“When President Biden was running for office, he told the American public that he has never talked about business,” McCarthy said.

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“He said his family has never received a dollar from China, which we now prove is not true,” he added.

McCarthy then spoke about how some IRS whistleblowers have come forward alleging that the Biden family have been provided special treatment by U.S. Attorney David Weiss of the District Court of Delaware, who is overseeing the federal criminal investigation into Hunter Biden, and Attorney General Merrick Garland.

He also cited the FBI document, known as a 1023 form, released by Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa, which includes an informant’s statement that Joe Biden and Hunter Biden had been bribed to the tune of $5 million each by the founder of the Ukrainian energy company Burisma.

“And you’re sitting here today where now you have found millions of foreign money, just what the 1023 alleges they did to Biden’s family, now we found that it has funneled through shell companies,” he added.

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McCarthy then argued that Americans would not know the extent of the Biden family’s corruption if it were not for Republicans winning power in the House in the 2022 midterm elections.

“If you’re sitting in our position today, we would know none of this if Republicans had not taken the majority,” he said.

“We only followed where the information has taken us. But this is rising to the level of impeachment inquiry, which provides Congress the strongest power to get the rest of the knowledge and information needed,” he added.

The House speaker then compared Biden to former President Richard Nixon, who resigned from the presidency in 1974 to avoid impeachment over the Watergate scandal.

“Because this president has also used something we have not seen since Richard Nixon. He used the weaponization of government to benefit his family and deny Congress the ability to have the oversight,” McCarthy said.

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Hannity asked McCarthy whether Biden’s taking of millions of dollars coming from adversaries such as China and Romania could signal that the president’s family is a “criminal enterprise.”

“Well, it’s interesting that the Biden family runs, they say, a company but never had an office and shell companies to be able to pay through, but if they ran it for foreign countries, why didn’t you get money from France, from Germany, from the U.K.?” McCarthy replied.

“Why does it have to be from China, Romania, countries that have real challenges and have problems?” McCarthy asked.

“I believe we will follow this all the way to the end and this is going to rise from an impeachment inquiry, the way the Constitution tells us to do this and we have to get the answers to these questions.”

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