Kindhearted Man Offers Bakery $1,000 for Single Doughnut To Help Keep Them in Business

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When Tremont Goodie Shop of Upper Arlington, Ohio, got a call for an order, they had no idea just how much dough it would involve.

The small local bakery has been facing difficult times just as many food-service-based businesses have, and patrons continuing to place orders and make purchases for pickup is all that’s keeping some spots going.

But Tremont Goodie Shop had a very special guardian angel looking out for them in the form of a gentleman who’d been a loyal customer for at least four decades, according to what manager Emilie Smith told Fox News.

The man, no stranger to the shop or random acts of kindness, had even bought pizza for the shop employees before.

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“He’s the kind of guy that just lights up the room when he’s here,” Smith said.

Despite his intention to support to Tremont Goodie Shop, he also said he needed to watch his weight. So he wanted to buy just one, single doughnut — but he was willing to shell out for it.

“He called and asked us if he would be able to give us $1,000 for his doughnut,” Smith explained. “I got choked up. He asked again ‘would that be ok?’ because there was silence on the line.”

“I choke out, ‘yes, of course, it would be ok!’ I never expected that.”

“He said ‘I really needed to support you,'” she added.

On Facebook, the Goodie Shop posted a photo of a bagged doughnut and shared the little miracle that the local man had just worked for them.

“We are in tears,” they posted on Monday. “This is a custard donut for $1,000 to help keep us in business. What a blessing.”

The story took off, and many others have started to order from the local shop as well — to the point that the staff has been overwhelmed with the number of requests.

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“This morning we could barely keep up with phone calls! And someone left a $100 tip for the employees,” Smith said. “It’s truly been such a blessing.”

In the comments on their post, the shop explained how their current business works.

“[W]e are currently taking orders by phone,” they wrote. “At that time you can prepay for your order and when you arrive give us another call and we bring it out to a pickup table out front. That way your goodie transaction is completely contactless for everyone’s safety!”

“ICYMI Here’s the snippet from the Today Show third hour this morning!” they shared on Thursday. “Such an extremely generous act of kindness! 💛 Love our customers and our community for their support!”

During a season when so many are worrying about the future, this story — and the sweet treat — are a much-needed pick-me-up, and a great reminder to support local businesses if you are able.

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