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Pizzeria Recognized for Kindness After Offering Free Pizza and Delivery to People 70+


COVID-19 has changed the way we live our daily lives on a fundamental level. While it certainly affects people who now have to work from home, there are some jobs that simply can’t be performed at a residence, forcing business owners to make tough calls.

That’s especially true of restaurants. Many have had to choose between temporarily shuttering their locations or adapting to curbside pick-ups or delivery.

While that may be an issue for some food joints, fast food restaurants and pizza places were made for this. Drive-thru and delivery are their thing.

For one pizzeria, adjusting to the times is about more than keeping customers coming — it’s about taking care of their own.

Tony & Alba’s Pizza and Pasta in San Jose, California, is a local spot known for its casual atmosphere and sense of community.

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“An Italian family restaurant that will meet your expectations,” their “About” section on Facebook reads. “We live by our motto, GREAT FOOD, GREAT FRIENDS, GREAT TIMES. When you come through our doors we treat you as one of family!”

In light of COVID-19, they’ve had to pivot and change up their services. They have started offering pick-up options and “activity kits” for kids, where parents can pick up pizza-making kits and they can make pizzas at home.

But it’s their senior program that’s gotten the most notice — and for good reason. They posted on Facebook with the program details.

“[W]e thought about all the elderly people living alone with no family nearby,” pizzeria owner Diana Vallorz told People.

“If you know of a person that is 70 and older and is quarantined, call us,” the pizzeria shared on March 14. “We will deliver a FREE PIZZA to them. They need to be in our delivery area. Just give us a call. You have been supporting us, we are giving back.”

“Driver will put it on a table or porch, knock and leave,” the caption added. “No interaction. We can also call to confirm.”

While the generous offer has been shared far and wide across the internet, it is important to note that the offer only extends to people within their delivery parameters.

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Still, the local act of kindness has people buzzing — so much so that some have made donations to help fund the endeavor.

“I am happy to announce that the 70+ program received a donation of $1000 as a ‘Pay it Forward,'” the pizza place shared on March 15. “We are going to add a salad to the meal which is big enough to feed 2. If you know a person that could use a free meal contact us. Unfortunately we have a define delivery area but I might try to expand it.”

The response they got was overwhelming and prompted a follow-up post clearly defining their delivery boundaries.

“It is a medium pepperoni or cheese TAKE N BAKE,” the post clarified. “We can deliver it when we can which might be the next day. The pizza can be cooked by you when you want it. It can last in the fridge for 3 days.”

If you know someone in the area who could benefit from this, make sure to check out Tony & Alba’s Pizza and Pasta and spread the word!

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