After Leftist Beauty Company Allegedly Fired Her for Conservative Views, Makeup Creator Exposes Them


It’s no secret that in this age even the slightest perceived irregularity between one’s personal values and the leftist zeitgeist can have catastrophic consequences for one’s social and professional future.

One influencer is fighting back against such rampant cancel culture, however, as well as alleged attacks on her character by a major corporation.

Amanda Ensing, a beauty influencer with 1.4 million Instagram and YouTube followers, is suing the international makeup company Sephora and its chief marketing officer, Deborah Yeh, for defamation, according to a report by Insider.

Ensing posted a picture of the complaint on her Instagram account, as well as a video documenting her experience of allegedly being targeted by the company and talking with others who she identified as whistleblowers.

Ensing alleged that Sephora discriminated against and cut ties with her for her conservative Christian values.

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“A few months ago, [Sephora] discriminated against me for my conservative Christian values, and they dropped me saying that I didn’t fit in with their values of inclusivity,” Ensing said. “And they continue to spread defamatory statements against me, not only on social media with their platform of 20 million followers, but also within the company.”

The influencer then mentioned an internal Sephora memo written by Yeh, which Ensing said was sent to her by a whistleblower.

In a screenshot of Yeh’s memo in the video, Yeh accused Ensing of not valuing inclusion and safe spaces, supporting the events of January 6 and even racial discrimination.

“I have not once made light of death or the violence at our nation’s Capitol on January 6, would never,” Ensing responded. “If you actually looked at my social media, I called for peace and for prayer and for justice.”

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“I’ve always condemned violence,” Ensing added, “but because I’m conservative, they want to paint me as someone who’s, what, a ‘domestic terrorist’?”

Alas, for those paying any attention to the state of America, such vitriol is hardly surprising in the corporate world, particularly in an incredibly left-leaning company such as Sephora.

Sephora previously closed stores for diversity and inclusion training, has pushed Black Lives Matter content on its official Instagram account, and was previously praised by Teen Vogue for making efforts to cater to trans ideology.

For her own part, Yeh has personally spoken at length with the Harvard Business Review about “unconscious bias” in marketing, and told NBC News that the world needs to “disrupt” what leadership looks and sounds like.

Unfortunately, those familiar with the hateful persecuting culture that is the modern left will not be surprised that Sephora’s alleged conduct did not simply hurt Ensing in the short term, but may have damaged long-term career prospects as well.

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“If you’ve ever witnessed or experienced cancel culture, you know it can ruin people’s lives,” Ensing said. “With what Sephora did to me, it not only resulted in a loss of my primary source of income, but it completely discredited and erased a decade worth of work.”

Indeed, such is inevitably the outcome of the left’s hyper-exclusionary understanding of “inclusion.”

Those who do not supplicate themselves before the altar of woke are to be scapegoated, sent into the desert to never return, and even the slightest disagreement with the regressive orthodoxy is enough to bring such an accusation of political heresy.

Thankfully, Ensing is keeping it positive and focusing on values before resentment.

Her website, which includes sections such as a “Liberty Before Lipstick” podcast and a “Make Makeup Great Again” store, are homages to a conservative impulse, and the caption of her Instagram post belies well enough the beliefs that matter to her most.

“This fight is not just about me but about everyone’s individual liberties in this Nation,” Ensing wrote. “When a company can spread defamatory lies about your character, which results in you losing your job, we are no longer living in a free country. Freedom of Speech means even the voices you disagree with.”

Wise words indeed.

The sooner America reclaims its noble heritage, its dedication to preserving what George Washington called that “sacred fire of liberty,” the sooner we can all join in the American dream, and forget this dark age when beauty corporations dictated to the public who was vile, and who was left.

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