LGBT Leftists Allege Betrayal by All-Muslim City Council After Pride Flag Ban: 'Stabbing Us in the Back'


Despite accusing the right of “white supremacy,” the savior complex is actually a leftist problem.

Influenced by Marxist ideologies, leftists often ally with immigrants and Muslims, whom they perceive as “oppressed.”

They assume that their stance on open borders and “representation in movies,” ingratiates all immigrants to them so much that they could hold hands and sing Kumbaya while simultaneously spitting on an image of former President Donald Trump.

But the truth is that many immigrants, especially from Muslim countries, hate leftist causes and have no respect for their idea of “freedom.”

An article in the Washington Post tells the story of a hamlet of 28,000 in Michigan that went from being dubbed “Little Warsaw” to the only city in the U.S. with an all-Muslim city council.

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Since the early 1900s, Hamtramck had been largely Polish and Ukrainian. But according to the 2020 census, between 30 and 38 percent of Hamtramck’s residents are now of Yemeni descent, and 24 percent are of largely Bangladeshi descent.

The change in demographics in Hamtramck, just north of Detroit was lauded as “progressive,” according to the Post.

The election of an all-Muslim council was celebrated by the left as a “rebuke” to former President Donald Trump’s “Islamaphobic” policies, according to The Guardian.

But now, the all-Muslim city council is biting the hand that fed it. LGBT communities felt stunned and betrayed after the same city council they celebrated went ahead and banned the display of “pride” flags on city property in June.

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The majority Muslim population of the town celebrated the banning of pride flags, cheering after the council voted unanimously against the flags.

On Hamtramck’s social media pages, the celebration continued with comments and taunts like “Fagless City” posted in approval of the new law.

The new mayor, Amer Ghalib, said that the action was not hostile but rather an attempt at neutrality and to close the door to other groups that could be extremist or racist, pointing to the fact that the council has banned all flags except U.S., state, city, and POW/MIA banners, not just “pride” flags.

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But the gay community is still hurt that they don’t get special privileges due to their special relationship.

The Detroit mayor even tried a little coercion, attempting the left-perfected art of social shaming, posting: “Detroit @MayorMikeDuggan in response to Hamtramck’s flag ban: ‘The City of Detroit proudly raises our Pride Flag at the start of every Pride Month and allows it to fly throughout the year to show our unwavering support for the LGBTQ+ community and the diversity within.'”

“It’s the role of city officials to ensure everyone feels welcome in their community, and everyone is welcome here in Detroit,” he added.

Former Hamtramck mayor Karen Majewski, a Polish American, said there’s a feeling of betrayal. “We supported you when you were threatened, and now our rights are threatened, and you’re the one doing the threatening.”

“We welcomed you,” another former council member who identifies as gay, told them. “We created nonprofits to help feed, clothe, find housing. We did everything we could to make your transition here easier, and this is how you repay us, by stabbing us in the back?” she asked, according to the Post.

But they’re not.

The Muslim community is being who they have always been.

It’s like the girl who thinks she can change a boy if she’s nice enough to him. Sure, he’ll eat the home-cooked meal she cooked for him. But that doesn’t mean he won’t go to the bar later that night.

It’s not his fault she was living in a daydream.

LGBT supporters can’t be upset because the Muslim community is not interested in playing with them.

It’s time for them to take their flags and go home.

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Rachel Emmanuel has served as the director of content on a Republican congressional campaign and writes content for a popular conservative book franchise.
Rachel M. Emmanuel has served as the Director of Content on a Republican Congressional campaign and writes for a popular Conservative book franchise.