Liberals Sign Petition to Tear Down Border Wall, Flood America with Illegal Immigrants to Replace GOP Voters


Conservative YouTube star Mark Dice dropped another video this week in which he needed little help convincing people in Southern California to sign a fake petition that would be harmful to the country.

In this case, Dice asked people on the street to sign on to tearing down the wall along the U.S. border with Mexico. The reason: More illegal immigration will create new Democrats, he explained.

“We’re trying to help replace these Republican voters with immigrants from South America but we need to tear down the border wall to make sure that more of them can come,” Dice told one man.

The man, without a second thought, signed on. Sadly, the man who thought he was signing a petition to essentially end U.S. sovereignty was not alone. There were so many others.

“We’re trying to tear down this border wall, now that Donald Trump is out of office but we need a few more signatures,” Dice told another person who was passing him near the beach on a San Diego sidewalk.

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He had no issue getting a signature.

In another clip, he told someone passing by, “You know, the border wall is a major obstacle for the illegal immigrants coming here.

“By tearing it down, that’ll help open the floodgates and bring more people here,” he explained.

Do you agree that immigration is the most important issue facing the country?

To others eager to sign his fake petition, Dice called the border wall “an eyesore” that is “covered in rust.”

“When the illegal aliens try to climb over the fence a lot of them are getting tetanus … it’s about 200,000 [illegal immigrants] a month, there’s still a lot of them that are- aren’t able to make it here because the wall is in their way,” he said.

“One of the reasons that we’re out here is there’s so many white people in America that if we can get more undocumented immigrants from South America, that’ll help with the diversity.”

“We don’t need any walls,” Dice said to one man who eagerly agreed.

Later in his video, Dice began spelling out the true intentions of all this recent unchecked immigration. Democrats have opened the border because it gives them a chance to import new voters. Dice told people that any physical barrier to immigration on the border needs to come down so that Republican voters will become obsolete.

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The people Dice explained that to were more than happy to sign on.

“You know, the more South American immigrants that come to America, the more likely they are to have more registered Democrats when they get amnesty, and so we’re going to try to replace the Republican voters,” Dice stated bluntly. “We figure as many of them that come here as possible before the next election just to ensure that we can make sure to stop the Republicans from gaining power again.”

That is especially true, Dice said, if “Donald Trump is going to run again.”

Person after person signed his petition to replace Republican voters with illegal immigrants. By the end of the video, Dice was explaining his intentions as clearly as possible.

“We’re trying to tear down the border wall to help make sure that we can replace as many Republicans as possible with immigration,” he said to one man.

“The more immigrants that come,” he said to another, “the more likely they are to replace the Republican electorate and keep the Republicans out of power the next election.”

Dice even explained that “Joe Biden will get [immigrants] amnesty, and they’ll most likely vote Democrat. That way we can replace the Republican electorate with the undocumented future Americans.”

Many illegal immigrants who have entered California throughout the last four decades or so have replaced the Republican electorate. The state is now a one-party hell hole where people defecate on sidewalks and criminals roam free across the major cities.

Dice’s video might be funny if it didn’t expose a sobering truth: So many Americans, especially in California, are beyond being reached.

A great many of those same people live among violent gangs and must navigate tent cities filled with homeless drug addicts. They have no issue with being locked in their homes by tyrants or with their tax dollars being stolen by prisoner inmates thanks to poor leadership.

These people would presumably like to see every state become just like theirs, and Democrats in Washington have every intention of ensuring that happens.

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