Steve Baldwin: As the Reality of California Becomes Clear, Will Red States Have the Guts to Make Things Right?


What can we learn from the failed effort to recall Gavin Newsom? Of course, the mainstream media and the RINOS are blaming Trump or claiming Larry Elder was too “right-wing,” and these phony narratives are dominating the networks.

But the truth is that Elder’s campaign and policy prescriptions were fairly normal as far as GOP politicians go. In fact, many of his views were held by Democrats just a few decades ago. He didn’t advocate anything that the vast majority of voters in the country would consider “extreme.”

Nor did Trump’s criticism of absentee ballots and their abuse by California and other liberal states have anything to do with the final outcome. The reality is that the election results are telling us something far more sinister.

Elder lost because California has a very large block of indoctrinated leftists who believe in the socialist ideal. As a fifth-generation Californian, I have watched for decades how the state has slowly drifted toward the socialist vision: class warfare, the attack on business, the war on property owners, rewarding criminals and the idle, punishing the productive, etc.

As the former chairman of the California Assembly Education Committee, I have also watched how our schools have become indoctrination centers, turning out generations of children who can’t read or write but can tell you all about the evils of America and the glories of socialism. Students are taught to despise America and to view everyone through a prism of race and gender, merit be dammed. Not to mention California’s Hollywood-saturated culture reinforces these propaganda themes.

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Let’s be honest: Millions of Californian voters now desire leaders who will attack property owners, entrepreneurs, gun owners and anyone who challenges them. They want leaders who undermine our First Amendment religious freedoms; who defame and defund law enforcement; who give millions of our tax dollars in benefits to illegal aliens; and who want the state to use race, gender and sexual orientation to decide who gets jobs, who is admitted to state universities and, if they have their way, who private people are allowed to hire.

Many of my fellow frustrated conservatives can’t believe that millions of voters are seemingly unaware that California is near the bottom of the country in the poverty rate, education scores, homelessness and economic opportunity — and has one of the highest tax burdens of any state.

But leftist voters are not unaware of these trends. They all see the homeless camps outside their doors; they all know that the gap between the rich and everyone else is widening. They all know that economic opportunities are disappearing because our most productive citizens and businesses are leaving the state.

We conservatives need to understand that we are in a midst of a cultural revolution whose goal is to destroy our values, our Christian heritage, our free enterprise system and our constitutional principles.

Do you think America is in danger of going the way of California?

Most Republicans don’t understand this, but the Democratic Party in California is dominated by hard-left ideologues who actually believe that it is necessary to undergo cultural and economic devastation as the price to be paid to transform California into a socialist “paradise.”

No one on the left will say this openly, but they believe the chaos and devastation are necessary in order to eradicate the values and principles that made America great.

They don’t care about how these policies are responsible for great suffering such as people losing their jobs or homes or skyrocketing depression and suicide rates. The leftist elites think they know what’s best for us and they know that such suffering must be endured in route to socialist utopia.

If this psychopathic philosophy sounds familiar to you, well, it should because it is classic Marxism. Marx and Lenin taught that the transformation to socialism will be painful and will require the destruction of all “bourgeois” values in order to create a socialist society where everyone is equal.

This is why the left has voted and will vote again for leaders who continue to enact policies that are destroying everything that made America exceptional.

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If one’s operating principle is that America was founded by evil men and based upon evil principles, then accepting the economic chaos, the crime, poverty, homelessness, etc. makes perfect sense. It’s a small price to be paid to bring socialist ideals to fruition.

This should not surprise anyone. When one looks at Venezuela, Cuba, the USSR, China or virtually every authoritarian socialist regime in world history, the left systematically destroyed traditional society in the course of imposing socialism and, of course, the end result was always misery and an authoritarian society.

Of course, as we all know, socialism never progresses to the “final stages” the communist theoreticians all wrote about because it ignores our human nature and our desire to achieve, to own and to create.

Newsom’s victory simply means that California is dominated by socialist ideologues who don’t care what devastation they bring to the state as long as they’re progressing towards a socialist society. But this is the future of all states unless great efforts are made to prevent it. The GOP could run Jesus himself statewide and would lose.

The hard left is now in control, and we need to accept the idea that socialist revolutionaries control a big chunk of our country.

The great division is now occurring whereby conservatives abandon blue states and liberals abandon red states. In time, this will lead to the formation of two blocs of states with one bloc preserving our heritage, our culture and our constitution and the other bloc becoming socialist authoritarian regimes.

The only question is, will the red states have the guts to preserve America by rejecting and defying unconstitutional laws and regulations imposed on them by a socialist-controlled White House?

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Steve Baldwin is a former California state assemblyman and the former executive director of the Council for National Policy and Young Americans for Freedom. He has been published in numerous publications and is the author of "From Crayons to Condoms, The Ugly Truth about America’s Public Schools." He is a contributing editor to The Western Journal.