Listen: Strange Paul Pelosi 911 Call Released, Alleged Attacker Says He's a 'Friend'


A recording of a 911 call in which Paul Pelosi notified San Francisco emergency services that a man had entered his home was released to the public Friday.

The husband of California Democratic Rep. Nancy Pelosi was hospitalized after he was attacked in the couple’s San Francisco home on Oct. 28.

In the 911 call, Paul Pelosi spoke as if he was under duress, seemingly requesting police assistance without wanting to tip off his assailant.

“There’s a gentleman here just waiting for my wife to come back,” he told a San Francisco police dispatcher at the beginning of the call. “Nancy Pelosi.”

“He’s just waiting for her to come back, but she’s not going to be back here for a day, so I guess we’ll have to wait,” Pelosi said.

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“Is the Capitol Police around? … They’re usually here at the house protecting my wife,” he said.

“I’ve got a problem, but he thinks everything’s good,” Pelosi said of the man in his house.

The dispatcher, failing to pick up on his clues, said, “OK, call us back if you change your mind.”

Pelosi continued to try to get her to understand his situation, saying, “He’s telling me not to do anything.”

At one point, the man described himself as a “friend” of the Pelosi family.

“My name’s David,” he said.

David DePape was arrested in connection with the attack on Pelosi and is facing felony charges, including attempted murder.

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The call ended with Pelosi saying he didn’t know the person in his home, who wanted him to “get the hell off the phone.”

The recording was released Friday in tandem with police bodycam footage from the incident.

In that video, a man identified as DePape wrestles a hammer from Pelosi’s grasp and violently attacks him — after both men greet police at the door.

Home surveillance camera footage of the alleged break-in also was released Friday.

DePape is facing federal charges in addition to California charges stemming from the incident.

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