Little Boy Overcome with Joy When Puppy Allegedly Stolen from Yard Returns Home

Some kids are naturally more responsible than others, but one way parents have chosen to teach their kids responsibility is to have them enter the world of pet ownership.

As long as the adults involved are also willing to step in when necessary, a first pet is a great way to teach empathy and responsibility.

It’s difficult enough to explain to a kid why their goldfish died or that their hamster got out, but when the disappearance involves a puppy, the news hits everyone pretty hard.

Sharnee Pocock had to explain to her son Noah that his puppy, Jacky Boy, had gotten out of the yard. The pup had been a birthday present for 5-year-old Noah, and the American Staffordshire terrier disappeared out of their backyard one Sunday.

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They tried checking their security cameras, but couldn’t find any clues as to the disappearance of the 3-month-old puppy.

Have you ever had a pet disappear?

In a desperate bid to reunite the boy and his dog, the mom offered a large monetary reward, no questions asked, for the return of Jacky Boy. She also considered the possibility that someone took the puppy from the yard, possibly to use for dog fighting.

“BRING OUR BOY JACK HOME ??,” Pocock posted on Facebook. “3k REWARD just bring him back no questions asked!! We just want him home ? He’s loved and missed!”

The $3,000 reward was quickly upped to $4,000, and the mother’s plea was shared on many local pages in hopes that someone would see the photos and recognize the pup.

“I’m not a rich person, it’s not like we have this kind of money but I will give (it) up,” the worried mom told Geelong Broadcasters.

“He’s not just a dog to us, he’s family,” she continued. “My son is so attached to this dog, he’s so upset that he’s gone.”

“He’s hurting, he gets into bed every night and says, ‘I wonder where Jacky Boy is, mum, I wonder if he’s cold.’ He’s a really smart little boy and even though he’s 5 years old, he does notice.”

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On Oct. 18, Pocock posted the update people were waiting for: “HES HOME ???”

A man in a town 24 minutes away had found the puppy, and the boy and his dog were reunited, with many cries, wiggles, and happy puppy wags. Thankfully someone was honest and returned this adorable puppy to its loving owners.

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