Location Where Biden's Set to Give Another Divisive Speech Symbolizes His Dark Path for America


The person in charge of picking the location and setup for President Joe Biden’s national speeches should probably look for a new line of work after today’s announcement.

Just six days from the 2022 midterm elections and in the wake of an attack on the husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, President Joe Biden is set to speak to voters about “preserving and protecting our democracy” at an event hosted by the Democratic National Committee, Fox News reported.

It’s the venue where Biden is scheduled to deliver the remarks that is raising questions. According to Fox News, the president will make his case at the Columbus Club in Union Station, a once beautiful and relatively safe place to go until it was overtaken by high crime, homelessness and rampant drug use.

The reaction to where Biden is holding the event made it evident that Union Station is certainly not what it used to be, a similar story to what has happened to many of America’s great attractions. It’s described as a “ghost town” and a scary, crime-ridden shell of the beauty that it once was — sort of like the United States under Biden, compared to how life was under former President Donald Trump.

Multiple examples of why Union Station is a bizarre choice for the event were spread across social media on Wednesday, including one particularly powerful shot taken by The Washington Times’ Susan Ferrachio.

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Ferrachio’s view correlates with the most recent Union Station Concourse directory, which shows only a handful of open shops and stores, compared to what used to be a thriving, safe shopping venue.

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Further bolstering the evidence that Union Station simply isn’t what it once was is a recent piece detailing several closures of popular Starbucks stores, which the company blamed on “safety reasons,” according to The Seattle Medium.

“Safety reasons,” as any reasonable person knows, are nothing more than code to say that it’s too dangerous to keep the store open.

Twitter users quickly pointed out the metaphors of using the ghosted, crime-ridden shopping plaza for Biden’s big address.

“The location perfectly symbolizes his Presidency. All that glitters is not gold…” one Twitter user wrote.

Another Twitter user added, “A metaphor for Biden’s presidency.”

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“The setting fits the occasion,” yet another user wrote.

First Things editor Mark Bauerlein recounted the days when Union Station was the place to go, especially for those who worked downtown or on Capitol Hill.

Biden, and Democrats in general, have led America down a scary, dark path for the past two years, transforming America from a thriving, relatively safe country to one that, in many once-great cities, resembles a crime-ridden, homeless-overtaken, narcotics-riddled dystopian nightmare.

Until American voters overwhelmingly put these anti-American clown politicians, including Biden, out of a job, the situation will surely continue to darken.

Let’s pray that the situation begins to improve after Nov. 8, when, hopefully, Republicans regain lost power.

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