Mama Pit Bull Cries When Rescuers Find Her & Her Puppies During Massive Storm


There’s nothing more heartwarming than a rescue. There are plenty of stories about rescuing dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens, but I never tire of seeing them pop up on social media.

The story of this mama dog and her babies gave me all sorts of warm fuzzies.

Rescuers found her and eight puppies hiding in a makeshift den in the middle of a massive rainstorm.

The man in the video has a calming, reassuring voice. He talks to the mama dog and feeds her, gaining her trust so that he can get her and her pups safely out of the den and into a warmer shelter.

The rescue organization, Hope for Paws, shared the touching video on their YouTube channel.

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The three people in the video, Lisa Arturo, Eldad Hagar, and Loreta Frankonyte, had driven three and a half hours to get to this poor mama dog, later named Rainbow.

She had given birth just 48 hours before rescuers arrived, her babies were still completely helpless. The conditions were not good for the newborn pups.

In the video, Hagar slowly convinced Rainbow to let him touch her puppies. He took all the right steps, and she eventually let him take one out and hand it to Arturo.

When he moved the puppy, Rainbow immediately perked up, curious and probably wondering where they’re taking her baby. But she didn’t attack and continued to let them take the pups away.

She whined softly as Hagar scratched her head. He reassured her as he took each pup, one by one.

Once they were all out, Hagar worked to get Rainbow herself out of the den.

With some help from Arturo, they were able to pull her and coax her enough to get her into a crate for travel.

The video goes on to show some adorable shots of all eight puppies growing up and running around outside, romping together and bothering Rainbow.

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Neighbors had tried to help her for months, but she had always run away when they approached. With some extenuating circumstances, she wasn’t going anywhere.

And just six weeks later, all eight of Rainbow’s puppies were ready for adoption. Eyes and ears open, full of energy, doing so much better than when they were first found.

Five girls and three boys, named Thunder, Breezy, Misty, Raindrop, Flash, Bolt, Stormy, and Droplet, were safe and ready for their forever homes!

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