Man from New York Fools Everyone with British Accent. Posed as Royal Expert on TV


There has been quite a lot going on with the royals lately. New babies, weddings and coronation anniversaries have all flooded our news feeds.

Many people are over it: the sparkle and shine isn’t really American, and weren’t we founded in opposition to those folks across the pond anyway?

But others still enjoy following along, looking into a world that is charming partially because it’s something that we will never experience here.

The most die-hard fans know what color Queen Elizabeth paints her nails. They know what her “purse signals” are.

They know what happened to Markle’s flowers after the wedding, they know all the names and succession order of the royal family, and they love picking up new facts about the family.

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There’s one expert, though, who’s been in the public eye quite a bit. He goes by the humble name of Thomas J. Mace-Archer-Mills, Esq.

He was featured on camera quite a bit before and during the royal wedding as he talked at length about the couple, the family, and the customs.

The self-proclaimed expert and Chairman of the British Monarchist Society, he was the man to go to if you had questions or inquiries.

Only one problem: He’s not really British. He didn’t grow up there, the accent is practiced, and that’s not his real name.

His name is Thomas, though — or, rather, Tommy. Tommy Muscatello.

To be fair, though, he is an expert on all things royal. He’s worked hard to build up the knowledge base he now boasts.

In 2012 he moved to England, but he was born in upstate New York and isn’t English/British at all. He’s Italian/American.

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The jury’s out on whether or not Brits think he sounds like one of them, but other listeners were certainly fooled. He claims that a stint in the play “Oliver” during high school is what started the whole thing.

Did you see this guy on television over the wedding weekend? What do you think of his trickery?

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