Man on Walk Finds 11 Small Bodies With Shot in the Heads


At least 15 dogs were reportedly shot in the head and then dumped like garbage in a South Carolina community, and investigators are desperate to know why.

According to Greenville station WYFF, Gray Court resident Mickey Fortin discovered the first four bodies Tuesday morning while out on a morning stroll.

In a video he posted to his Facebook page shortly after the discovery, he described how he initially thought what he was seeing was trash.

“I’m seeing these things laying like in a heap, and I’m wondering what the hell is that — trash, garbage?” he said.

They were the bodies of dogs that had reportedly been shot “execution-style” for no discernible reason whatsoever.

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After Fortin dialed 911 to report the bodies, he then continued walking, only to discover an additional seven bodies, bringing it to a total of 11 killed.

“It’s 11 dogs that I have found dead in the last mile and a half,” he said in another video to Facebook. “This is a bad day. If that’s not insanity, I don’t know what is. This is a bad day to see this much death, and all these animals. I love dogs. To find 11 dogs dead within a mile and a half? Unacceptable.”

The Greenville News noted in a report Tuesday that investigators later found four additional bodies, bringing the total to a whopping 15.

“Honestly, that’s what we’re trying to figure out now,” Giles Gilmer, the animal control supervisor for Laurens County, remarked at the time. “I can’t really speculate why.”

If found, should the perpetrator be sent to prison for this?

In an updated report published Wednesday, The Greenville News revealed that “no additional dogs had been found,” but that neither had a motive been determined either.

“(I’ve never seen) nothing to this magnitude. This is just something that’s just brutal. It’s senseless and brutal,” said Laurens County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Chief Jarvis Reeder, adding that his department was still combing through tips.

It was further revealed that of the 15 executed dogs, 13 had been chihuahuas, while the remaining two had been larger dogs.

Moreover, “(e)ach chihuahua had multiple gunshot wounds,” according to The Greenville News.

Speaking with WYFF, Fortin had a message for the perpetrator: “Whoever is responsible for this needs to take a good look at themselves.”

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Agreed. Though they’re not going to like what they see. Mass killers, whether of animals or human beings, have something sick in their hearts.

“Someone will turn you in,” Reeder added.

I hope so.

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