Man Who Thinks He Is a Woman Takes First in Women's Category in Tour of the Gila Bike Race


The left’s war on womanhood continues as yet another man pretending to be a woman took first place in a women’s sports competition.

This time, it was the women’s competition at the Tour of the Gila bike race in New Mexico. A man claiming to be a woman by the name of “Austin” Killips won Stage 5 of the race, therefore winning the race overall.

He beat out Emily Ehrlich and Marcela Prieto Castañeda, two real women, by only a few seconds to take home the crown, making him the first openly “trans” woman to win the Tour of the Gila.

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As one would expect, this latest edition in the war on women’s sports did not go unnoticed by people, and many took to social media to voice their disgust at the fact that a man was declared the victor in a woman’s race.

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One Twitter user pointed out the fact that the Tour of the Gila Twitter account barred anyone from replying to their tweet celebrating Killips’ “victory,” saying that it was a sign that the Tour knew that it was in the wrong.

Another Twitter user chose to credit one of the competitors, Castaneda, with the win, saying that she actually had won, but no one knew because Killips had stolen the title.

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This is a phenomenon that we have seen all too frequently in recent years, and frankly, it is getting tiresome to write about.

How many times do we need to see men pretending to be women easily beat out real women in sporting competitions before we acknowledge the biological differences between the two sexes provide these men with an unfair advantage?

The left often claims to be in favor of women’s rights but refuses to do basic things, such as protect women’s-only spaces from dangerous predatory men or women’s sports from biological men with a physical advantage.

The real winner in this race was indeed Castaneda, who would have taken home the overall prize had not a man pretending to be a woman been allowed to compete.

Not to mention, this whole fad strips women of what it means to be a woman because the left has made it seem as if merely feeling like or dressing like a woman automatically makes you a woman.

At the end of the day, this is a really frustrating thing to watch — but it is also unsurprising.

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