Mike Huckabee: The College Admission Scam Proved What We Already Knew


This week, actresses Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin made their first appearances in court along with other wealthy parents to respond to charges of paying bribes to get their kids into “elite” schools under false pretenses. The appearances yielded the first “guilty” plea, but not from either of the celebrities.

This has become a hot button issue since it reeks of the wealthy elite gaming the system for their undeserving (and in some cases, uninterested) offspring, while everyone else’s kids have to work like dogs and battle for spots in these schools. Because of that public outrage, prosecutors are reportedly dead set on getting at least some jail time for the parents.

This story inspired one of attorney/columnist Kurt Schlichter’s savagely hilarious articles.

It’s a must-read just for the entertainment, but Kurt also makes a great point that hasn’t gotten nearly enough attention.

Here’s just a sample:

Watch: Matt Gaetz Hilariously Torches Democrat Senator Accused of Bribery on House Floor

“The college admission scandal, where a herd of rich Democrat donors paid a ton of dough to get their half-wit progeny into Snooty U, was the perfect encapsulation of how big a rip-off college really is. Did you notice how the parents forked over cash to get Junior into school because Junior scored 112 on his SAT and then … Junior stayed in the elite school with no problem? You might think that if these schools were rigorous institutions of higher learning instead of ruling class credential rubber-stump machines, they might flunk out? But no.”

He’s right: we hear so much talk about the rigorous admissions process, but nobody mentions what happens after you’re in.

Generations ago, “The Paper Chase” presented the archetype of the demanding professor making students sweat and suffer as he forces them to learn “to think!” Well, that’s gone with the dodo bird.

These days, students go deep into debt earning useless degrees while getting indoctrinated into nonsensical leftist politics and being carefully shielded from ever hearing an opposing view lest it make them feel “triggered” and force them to rush to the nearest safe space to squeeze Play-Doh (or maybe they’re eating it, I wouldn’t be surprised.)

If you think that’s a wild exaggeration, note that the average grade at Harvard is now an A-minus. I guess giving them a C would trigger them, too, and possibly spark a lawsuit over their dented feelings. So, like Oprah handing out free cars, everyone gets an A!

I suppose you could argue that the students at Harvard are such geniuses that they all deserve As. But then you remember how many people in Washington went to Harvard. Do you think they deserve As? Or even A-minuses?

Frankly, I think many of our D.C. Ivy League alums would force us to have to invent a new grade: “F-minus.”

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