Millennial Uses Hunting Trap to One-Up the Tide Pod Challenge


Though children have been performing stupid stunts since the dawn of civilization, social media has exacerbated this behavior by making it that much easier for teens to advertise their outlandish and potentially life-threatening ideas to one another.

Take the absurd and quite dangerous “Tide Pod Challenge.” While it remains unclear who started it, because of social media the internet now contains countless videos of “kids biting into brightly colored liquid laundry detergent packets,” as noted by The Washington Post last month.

When kids see these stunts being performed by their peers, guess what happens: Some of them them try it for themselves. And so the cycle continues until, at last, the kids give it up — only to then pick up another challenge.

As the Post pointed out, “First, it was the ‘gallon challenge’ and the ‘cinnamon challenge.’ Then some teenagers started playing the ‘bath-salt challenge.'”

More recently, teens jumped on the “Tide Pod Challenge,” and as indicated by a video now making the rounds on the internet, some may now be partaking in an even dumber (though possibly less life-threatening) challenge.

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As far as I can tell, this current challenge involves the urchins setting up an animal trap — yes, an animal trap — in their living room and then quickly bobbing their head over it in an attempt to trigger the trap without getting caught in it.

Watch an example of this challenge below:

Ouch …

Is someone going to get killed because of these stunts?

While it’s unclear whether this is an actual “challenge” or simply one teen acting like a buffoon, the likelihood of this stunt being performed by other teens is pretty high.

In fact, a quick search for “animal trap challenge” on YouTube just brought up several examples of adults trying similar stunts, but with a mouse trap instead. And though playing with mouse traps is obviously less dangerous, it’s still pretty stupid.

Watch some examples below: (Warning: Some rough language is involved.)

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Look, I get the need to “have fun,” and I’m not one to tell adults what they may or may not do, but come on, man. A mouse trap?

It’s all “fun and games” until someone winds up hurt or even dead — and at the pace we’re going, someone’s going to get hurt very soon.

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