When Mom Drops off Son to School Each Day, Dog Can't Stand It


Dogs are unconditionally loving, loyal creatures. Humans do not deserve them.

With how often we hear stories about abused dogs being rescued and the crazy situations they get themselves into, it’s nice to come across something as sweet and loving as this story.

This doggo loves her human so much that she tries to keep him from going to school.

I know from experience how hard it is to leave my dog every morning for work. She hates it more than I do, I think.

Sometimes I wish I could just put her in my purse and bring her with me so she could stay with me all day. She’d fit for sure, but then there’s the issue of potty time.

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But this pretty puppy, Dixie, gets the honor of riding in the car with her favorite human on his way to school. But it’s not all fun and games.

As he gathers his things, it looks like she might be trying to get in his way so he doesn’t leave her. But because school is mandatory, he — like the rest of us poor souls — can’t stay home with his dog all day.

His mom calls Dixie over and holds her collar to keep her from happily following the boy to school.

As he closes the door, mom lets go, and the doggy waterworks begin.

Dixie is instantly at the window, watching her “hooman” walk away. The mom tries to reassure her, but as every dog owner knows, there’s no consoling a dog who misses her human.

That is, of course, unless food comes into the equation — or a toy, or a human they’ve never met. OK, so they can be consoled, just not with words!

But mom’s reassurances fall on deaf ears as Dixie cries for her human, saying, “we’ll come back for him after school.” It sounds like she may have dealt with this a few times based on her tone of voice.

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This persistent pup deserves some good head scratches as soon as her boy returns.

I can’t imagine what Dixie does if she’s left at home when mom takes her kid to school! I bet there was some destroyed furniture and maybe some torn-up carpet.

My dog used to eat drywall when we left her alone! The separation anxiety is just too much.

Does your dog do anything crazy when you leave them alone? Are you one of those people who can bring their precious pup anywhere they go?

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