Mom Gives Birth, Abandons Newborn Son in Airport Bathroom with Heartbreaking Note


Last month we covered a story that involved a mother leaving a newborn baby in an Arizona airport.

Everyone had a lot of questions about the situation, but now we have a bit more clarity.

The baby was found in the women’s restroom by an Avis Rent-a-Car employee. Another male employee called the Tucson Airport Authority Police and reported the incident.

“Somebody left a newborn baby with a note in the bathroom,” they said on the call. “We got her with a blanket. Or her. Or him.”

Surveillance tapes have been released that show a woman in her 20’s holding a baby with a blanket and a neck support.

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She brought the baby to the bathroom, where she left it with a heartbreaking note.

“Please help me, my mom had no idea she was pregnant,” the mother wrote from the perspective of her child. “She is unable and unfit to take care of me.

“Please get me to the authorities so they can find me a good home. I just want what is best for him and it is not me. Please. I’m sorry.”

One of the custodians, Juana Quintana, encountered the mystery woman in the bathroom. She saw the blood on the floor and asked her if she was alright.

Quintana told reporters that the mother said the baby was three months old, but left before she could ask any more questions.

The custodian was skeptical, though, because of the amount of blood in the bathroom. Later, a Delta employee told authorities she saw a woman “acting out of place sitting in the chairs next to Delta baggage claim.”

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Fortunately, the baby was healthy and unharmed after the ordeal. Authorities brought him to a local hospital, who turned him over to the Arizona Department of Child Security.

Although officials were initially searching for the mother of the baby, it appears that they’re satisfied with the result.

Since he was unharmed, she won’t have to face any criminal charges.

Although the manner in which this baby was abandoned is heartbreaking for both mother and son, we’re happy to learn that he is safe and sound.

He’ll find a loving family and hopefully never learn of his first few hours on this earth.

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