Mom Gives Birth to Quadruplet Preemies, Told to Say Goodbye to Newborn Turning White


When Ivanna Cardenas-Gutierrez went in for her first pregnancy ultrasound, she and her husband David Gutierrez were floored by what came onto the screen.

First, their doctor told them they were having twins. But then they found another baby — and then one more!

At first, the couple thought it was a joke. They’d always wanted to have a big family and their wish came true all at once.

The couple had not used fertility treatments to conceive the quadruplets and the chances that it would occur naturally were one in 700,000.

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But during another ultrasound at 27 weeks, they learned that their fourth baby was not growing like the others.

The baby was not receiving enough nutrients through the placenta. Doctors were not hopeful for his survival, and gave the family grim options.

They could continue with the pregnancy, but the fourth baby would die, or they could have an emergency c-section then and there.

Although the four babies would only have a 40% chance of survival if they were born so early, their parents wanted to give them all their best chance.

Immediately, they decided they would have the babies delivered that day. Baby number four, who they named Gabriel, was born at just 1lb 3oz.

All of the babies were quickly taken to the NICU. But little Gabriel was having seizures and difficulty breathing.

Suddenly, the baby started to turn white and Ivanna and David were told to say goodbye to their son. They quickly called in a priest to baptize him.

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But then, by a miracle of God, Gabriel’s oxygen levels improved. Doctors couldn’t explain what was happening, but over the following days, he began gaining weight.

The couple and their family said they stayed focused on their faith, and prayed their miracle babies would pull through.

Over the next few months they spent in the NICU, they took to social media to request others pray for their babies to recover.

“Thank God we’re on the right track,” David wrote on Facebook. “Now more than ever I ask you to keep praying for all our children… these are key moments and the power of prayer is immense!”

After their fight for life, the four healthy babies, Francesca, Sebastian, Julian, and Gabriel, finally went home.

Later, David said he owed his children’s healing and ability to come home to the huge amount of prayers and love being given for them.

The quadruplets, lovingly known as the “GodSquad” on social media, are now three years old and thriving.

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