Mother Celebrates as Trans Child Receives Implant, Insists She's Giving Him the Life He Deserves


From a young age, New Jersey child Benjamin Bruesehoff had always liked “all things girly.”

Whether it was the color pink or items that sparkled, Benjamin “gravitated toward typically feminine things” as early as ages two and three, parents Jamie and Christopher Bruesehoff, an activist writer and a Lutheran pastor respectively, told The Christian Post.

Faced with a child they allege was too “distressed” at the idea of living life as a male to go on, the Bruesehoff’s eventually determined their son was ready — at the ripe old age of eight — to transition into a female.

In the years since, the Bruesehoffs’ son — now going by Rebekah — has blossomed into a transgender activist, lobbying the New Jersey legislature to pass a bill allowing for the alteration of one’s birth certificate to reflect their “gender identity.” Bruesehoff even featured in the LGBT portion of Marvel Comics’ latest public advocacy stunt: the Hero Project.

And in November, the transgender youth made rounds in popular media once again as mother Jamie publicized that he had received a second round of surgically implanted puberty blockers — the first of which came when the boy was just 10 years old.

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Apparently, this was something that warranted celebration.

“Today, [Rebekah] showed her strength once again,” Bruesehoff wrote on Facebook. “Today, she did something that was hard and scary.⁣

“Today, Rebekah had her second surgical procedure to place a hormone blocking implant in her arm to prevent her from progressing farther into puberty,” she continued. “This is one example of what medically appropriate, medically necessary, life-affirming, and often literally life-saving treatment looks like for a transgender child.

“That is the face of a girl terrified of hospitals and needles, but more terrified of having to live life as someone she is not,” Bruesehoff added.

“This is allowing my child to live her best life.⁣”

The grandstanding and virtue signaling did not stop there, however, with Bruesehoff proceeding to rail against the Republicans in Washington and across the United States who have, time and again, stood against legislation that would allow parents to medically transition underage children with gender identity disorder.

Heaven forbid mature adults deciding to place their “terrified” child under the knife or needle for the purposes of chemically inhibiting natural biological processes based solely on that child’s partiality toward sparkles and the color pink.

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And here I was thinking the American left was on a crusade to obliterate gender roles and gendered societal norms, not reinforce them.

But if ideological consistency is too much to ask of the modern American left, can we at least demand a bit of honesty?

Hormone replacement is not a “therapy” and gender reassignment is not a “treatment.” These are science experiments.

There is nothing “medically appropriate, medically necessary, life-affirming” or “literally life-saving” about this type of medical procedure — particularly when performed on a child.

The Heritage Foundation’s compilation of results for the most comprehensive, long-term medical studies regarding these treatments in Sweden and the U.S. overwhelmingly reveal that “treatments” like gender reassignment surgery have no impact on decreasing suicide rates or increasing long-term happiness among transgender individuals.

Do you think this is child abuse?

In fact, the Swedish Karolinska Institute’s 30-year study on the subject revealed surgically reassigned transgender individuals in its research sample had a suicide rate 20 times higher than that of their non-transitioned transgender peers.

So let’s just call this what it really is: an opportunity for a couple of left-wing parents to appear empathetic for their friends and social media followers, at the expense of an impressionable, developing young boy.

It’s socially profitable child abuse, plain and simple.

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