Mother Decides To Take Out Age 5 Daughter's Loose Tooth with Help from Son & Nerf Gun

Losing teeth. It’s happened to all of us at one point or another, though hopefully only when we were young and losing baby teeth.

There’s always some trepidation and fear involved: the tooth is loose, it needs to come out, but since there is a little pain involved it can be difficult to convince a young child that a moment of pain is better than the tooth hanging on by a thread.

Plenty of kids will fuss and cry and drag their feet, shying away from any suggestion to take it out. Other kids are braver and can come up with entertaining and unique ways to lose their wiggly tooth.

Many do the old tie-a-string-to-a-doorknob method, which is tried and true. Perhaps that’s even the one you’ve used.

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The only problem is that unless the child straight up pulls their own tooth out, they usually require a helping hand since it’s crucial that the pull have enough force behind it to minimize the pain and potential bleeding.

Often that helper is a parent since kids generally have more trust in their parents than their siblings (and admittedly that’s usually for a good reason).

Take this kid for example. He thought of a unique method that would have enough force behind it: his dog chasing a ball!

So when this young lady named Bella had a super loose tooth, she wanted to have it taken out quickly but she was willing to involve her brother. Risky business, if you ask anyone who’s ever had a brother, but this little girl was brave.

Her brother was holding a nerf gun, and the nerf dart had a string attached to it. The other end of the string was tied, of course, to the girl’s tooth.

As the brother readied himself to fire, mom reminded her daughter not to get her hands in the way of the string. Brother counted down and fired.

Bella’s eyes went wide for a moment, and you can hear the tooth skittering across the floor. After a brief moment of indecision and mom checking to make sure the tooth was gone, Bella let out a cheer.

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“This is one reason brothers are beneficial for little girls,” one commenter wrote. “I contend that my brother and I prepared our little sister for her husband and their successful marriage. Ha!”

“Omg that looked painful!” another wrote. “Lol I’m sure it wasnt but that sent chills up my spine just watching it ?? I would never have been that brave at 5 years old but I also never had brothers!”

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