Mother Must Cancel Appointment after Son Gets Sick. Knock on Door 3 Hours Later


Life has an interesting way of throwing us curve balls and usually at the most inopportune times. Such events can be stressful and frazzle a person’s nerves while dealing with them.

But every now and then, during those moments of crazy, something happens that makes it a little easier to deal with.

Every now and then, someone sees the craziness and acts in compassion.

For the mom of two, Lindsay Pualoa, one of life’s curveballs definitely hit at an inopportune time. She’d needed to get her annual HVAC check done and set up an appointment with a local company.

But the evening before they were due to come over, Pualoa’s toddler, AJ, got really sick. He was so sick that the pair ended up being up for most of the night.

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According to The Burn, in a Facebook post, which is now not available to the public, Pualoa explained that at daybreak, AJ “was still a hot mess,” so she knew she’d have to reschedule the HVAC appointment.

She went on to write that she called the company, explained the situation and “didn’t think much more about it.”

She went on with her day, caring for her sick toddler and her other child.

Not all companies take it well when appointments are canceled with such short notice. Some even assess a fee for doing it.

But AllTech Services of Sterling, Virginia, understood and didn’t have a problem with the cancellation.

In fact, they arranged for a surprise for the frazzled mom. She wrote on Facebook, “Three hours later, my doorbell rings and there is a florist at my door.”

She added, “I’m floored! I’ve never had something like this happen before.”

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Attached to the flowers was a card from the company with well-wishes for AJ.

iHeartRadio noted that in her post, she shared the message, “The HVAC company sent flowers with a note saying they hoped our child was feeling better soon.”

That article noted that AllTech had “probably just earned some customers for life with those flowers,” praising the great “customer relations” move.

It was a sentiment shared on social media by people who read Pualoa’s post or stories are written about it.

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