Global Warming Lie: Ice Is So Thick, New US Warship Can't Even Break Through


The past year hasn’t been very good for the U.S. Navy… or for global-warming alarmists like Al Gore.

The Navy has endured a series of embarrassing incidents and accidents, and now one of their ships is again facing negative press — but it may be climate change fanatics who should be the most frustrated.

The USS Little Rock is one of the newest and most modern warships in the entire U.S. Navy. It was unveiled in New York in December, and cost over $400 million to construct. As a Littoral Combat Ship, the vessel is designed to be fast and agile — but it isn’t going anywhere now.

Yes, the powerful and cutting edge ship “has not moved from Montreal since Christmas Eve and will spend the winter stuck in Canada due to cold and ice,” reported Fox News. Global warming strikes again!

The crew was apparently not planning to encounter such thick and dense ice. Citing “unusually heavy ice conditions,” the Little Rock is literally stuck in one place.

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“The temperatures in Montreal and throughout the transit area have been colder than normal, and included near-record low temperatures, which created significant and historical conditions in the late December, early January time frame,” Lt.-Cmdr. Courtney Hillson told The Star.

Things are so frozen that the 387-foot long ship has no option but to just wait for the ice to melt.

“Keeping the ship in Montreal until waterways are clear ensures the safety of the ship and crew, and will have limited impact on the ship’s operational schedule,” explained Lt.-Cmdr. Hillson.

The unplanned winter delay means that the vessel had to be temporarily fitted with heaters to prevent the mass accumulation of ice on the hull. Extra cold-weather clothing apparently had to be brought in for the crew, which will continue drilling on board the ship until the climate cooperates.

Do you believe in catastrophic man-made global warming?

That embarrassing problem is an “inconvenient truth” for global warming hucksters like Al Gore. The former vice president and climate alarmist has been making dramatic predictions about ice melting in northern regions for years, yet none of his grave forecasts have come true.

“Ice cover across all of Great Lakes increased from 3 percent on Christmas Eve to nearly 30 percent by Jan. 6, or a period of about two weeks,” reported.

That’s a short-term example of the same overall trend that has been stable over the last several years: Global ice is definitely not disappearing.

“Updated data from NASA satellite instruments reveal the Earth’s polar ice caps have not receded at all since the satellite instruments began measuring the ice caps in 1979,” Forbes Magazine reported in 2015.

The global warming crowd will no doubt be quick to spin the unexpected ice buildup as “part of climate change,” but that by itself illustrates how silly their arguments have become.

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Liberal climate alarmists have been constantly changing their argument. First it was “global warming,” but when their dire predictions became hard to justify, this was quietly changed to the much more vague “climate change,” although the alleged overall trend is still that the Earth is on the brink of burning up.

The earth is overheating, which is why there’s too much ice, and cold temperatures prove that it’s too hot. Don’t ask any questions!

Finally, the inability of forecasters to accurately predict even short-term events — like the “unexpected” ice buildup that has trapped a Navy ship — should cast serious doubt on the ability of climate scientists to foresee years and decades into the future.

All of climate alarmism is based on the assumption that models are spot-on, no errors have been made, and we have all the necessary data to make sweeping predictions.

More and more, it looks like many predictions were flat-out wrong… but politics has become so intertwined with “climate change” that proponents won’t admit they might have jumped the gun.

If only we could keep Al Gore stuck in a frozen part of Canada. The world would be a lot more tolerable.

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