New Billboards Call Out 'Systemic Racism' of Abortion


Pro-life billboards and bus ads have popped up in Cleveland, Ohio, in response to a slew of campaigns advocating for abortion as a mainstream and even sacred element to society.

The new billboards, a project from pro-life group Radiance Foundation — with messages such as, “abortion is systemic racism,” “abortion is violence,” “abortion is lost fatherhood” and “abortion is fake feminism” — are in response to pro-abortion billboards from Preterm, an Ohio abortion organization. Its slew of billboard phrases include “abortion is sacred,” “abortion is life saving” and “abortion is a second chance,” among others.

“When Ohio’s largest abortion facility, located in a Cleveland, decided to target predominantly African-American neighborhoods with billboards pushing abortion in communities already ravaged by death, we had to respond,” Radiance Foundation Chief Creative Officer Ryan Bomberger told The Daily Caller News Foundation on Friday.

“Our coalition of black and white, left and right, denounces the systemic racism that is endemic in an industry birthed in the vile pseudoscience of eugenics,” he added.

Preterm, however, wants to help people think about abortion in new ways, organization development director Nancy Starner said. “We want the people in our community who have had abortions to know that they’re not alone,” she said, according to the Cleveland Scene.

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Pastor Clenard Childress Jr., of New Calvary Baptist Church in New Jersey, has also spoken loudly about abortion organizations as morally repugnant. “Planned Parenthood has taken it far beyond what the (Ku) Klux Klan thought they could possibly take it. How do you calm down over genocide?” he asked in a PBS “Frontline” video in December.

Childress explained how Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger — whom he called a brilliant strategist — came up with “The Negro Project” to reduce the number of black people through sterilization.

“We need more African-Americans informed on the best kept secret in America; that is black genocide via the targeting of African-Americans by the abortion industry,” Childress said.

Do you think the abortion industry targets minorities?

Abortion advocates feel differently and don’t think black people are being targeted by the abortion movement but instead by pro-lifers who attempt to shame women getting abortions.

Pro-lifers are “fixated on shaming black women and controlling the bodies of black women,” Planned Parenthood Chief Medical Officer Raegan McDonald Mosley argued in the “Frontline” video.

Planned Parenthood hosted a Feb. 28 event for the purpose of understanding and deconstructing what the abortion organization admits are its racist roots in eugenicist founder Margaret Sanger. The event addressed “the racist roots of the birth control movement, specifically pertaining to the influence of eugenics.”

Roughly 360,000 of Planned Parenthood’s 2.4 million patients are black individuals.

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