New Venezulean Immigration Crisis Could Cause Border Problem To 'Literally Triple Overnight'


If you thought the immigration crisis was bad already, brace yourself for what may be coming next.

As the rapidly failing nation of Venezuela continues to collapse, observers are warning that a flood of South American refugees could be headed our way — and if some Democrats get their way, they’ll be given special treatment the moment they arrive.

While Mexico is at the center of the current immigration debate, many of the migrants who have been coming north in vast caravans are actually from Central America. Unstable countries including El Salvador and Honduras have been feeding the immigration crisis, with many migrants being told false promises and making dangerous treks, often with children in tow.

Now you can add Venezuela to the list. The socialist country which was once praised by liberals in the United States has struggled with what is essentially a civil war, as leftist government troops recently put civilians in the cross-hairs. It’s a chaotic situation, and immigration experts are warning that it is already bringing more problems to our border.

“The numbers show that apprehensions just in Texas of Venezuelan nationals have increased from a trickle every week for the past few months, culminating with a spike of almost double the previous week in last week’s report,” Conservative Review reported on Tuesday.

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Citing a Border Patrol source, CR noted that there are signs of a major spike in Venezuelans trying to enter the United States, often illegally.

“189 Venezuelans were caught at the Texas border July 10-July 17, compared to 99 the previous week,” Daniel Horowitz wrote for CR. “The week before that, 47 Venezuelans were apprehended. That is roughly the level of weekly Venezuelan apprehensions throughout June. In May, it hovered around 20, and before that it was 0-5 per week.”

If those numbers are accurate, that’s a very steep increase — and some experts say the problem is just getting started.

“A recent Organization of American States (OAS) report warned that by the end of 2020 the number of Venezuelan refugees/migrants can more than double and as many as 8.2 million Venezuelans could have left the country,” said Joseph Humire, who runs the Center for a Secure Free Society.

“This would make Venezuela the largest refugee crisis in the world, overtaking Syria,” he noted. Anybody who has noticed how the Syrian refugee crisis has impacted Europe should be alarmed by that warning.

Humire believes it’s possible that the stream of refugees from Venezuela could combine with the existing migrant groups in Central America to form a deluge of epic proportions, surging north and overwhelming U.S. immigration enforcement.

“If the current projections stay the same, and the migrants from Venezuela moving from South to Central America connect with the tens of thousands of undocumented migrants from Central America to the U.S. southwest border, we could see our illegal immigration problem on our border literally triple overnight,” Humire said.

Do you think Venezuelans should be given Temporary Protected Status against deportation?

And while many Americans, particularly on the right, are fed up with the endless illegal immigration issues, a number of Democrats seem to be encouraging the stream of migrants. Just this week, the House Judiciary Committee weighed a bill that would give Temporary Protected Status to Venezuelan immigrants, giving them special protections against deportation.

That bill, H.R. 549, did not receive enough support to leave committee, but it’s worth noting that not a single Democrat voted against it. It’s likely that liberals will keep trying to extend TPS to Venezuelans until it passes.

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The United States faces a choice. Will we become a wide open safe haven for those fleeing the world’s failed regimes, or will we have some say in who enters our country and what the requirements are?

Liberals have made it painfully clear that they support limitless immigration, refusing to even enforce current laws against illegal aliens. Even the sympathetic must admit that the immigration crisis cannot go on indefinitely: it’s time to have a frank discussion about which path America will choose.

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