NFL punter tells Danica Patrick to ditch boyfriend Aaron Rodgers for him instead


“You miss every shot you don’t take” is a quote that has been attributed to the likes of Wayne Gretzky, Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant over the years.

No matter its origin, the philosophy behind it is that you can’t achieve a goal without trying, and punter Marquette King has taken that to heart.

King shot his shot at Danica Patrick after seeing her at a Milwaukee Bucks game alongside boyfriend Aaron Rodgers, star quarterback of the Green Bay Packers.

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If you know anything about King, you know he loves to joke around and have a good time, which is one of the reasons new Oakland Raiders coach Jon Gruden surprisingly cut him this offseason. (He signed with Denver earlier this month.)

But King is fighting an uphill battle in trying to get Patrick to leave Rodgers for him.

First, there is the fact that Patrick is from Wisconsin and is dating arguably the most popular Wisconsinite in the world at the moment.

Then there’s the fact that a woman leaving the star quarterback for a punter hasn’t been seen all that often, even in Disney movies.

Last, and this is something that Rodgers has over every other NFL player, is that the quarterback is not just a quarterback. He is also a part owner, having just purchased a stake in those Milwaukee Bucks.

Despite all of that going in Rodgers’ favor, many on Twitter pointed out that Patrick didn’t have the happiest of looks on her face despite her Bucks trouncing the Celtics.

All jokes aside, King doesn’t seem to know what he wants at this time because earlier on Friday, he tweeted that he’s not interested in a romantic relationship.

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King’s attempt at humor isn’t likely to be well received in Green Bay, but fortunately, the Broncos and Packers won’t cross paths this season unless it’s in the Super Bowl.

Rodgers would certainly like to get to his second Super Bowl and is borrowing the 76ers phrase of “Trust the Process” when it comes to the personnel moves the Packers are making.

Meanwhile, Patrick recently retired from full-time racing but will compete in the Indianapolis 500, where she has six top 10 finishes in her career.

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