Nude Illegal Alien Intruder Allegedly Breaks into Dallas Couple's Home, Threatens To Kill Them


If you don’t cheer for endless illegal immigration, you’re a horrible racist — at least, that’s what the frequent liberal narrative says.

But what happens when one of those illegal immigrants ends up standing naked in your bedroom, trying to touch your wife?

That chilling scenario allegedly happened to one Texas couple over the weekend, after an intruder broke into their Dallas-area home.

According to The Dallas Morning News, Trent Tate and his wife Hope woke up early Saturday morning to find a Hispanic man standing over their bed.

He was completely nude, and allegedly threatened their lives as soon as the residents woke up.

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“Go back to sleep or I will [expletive] kill you,” the home invader allegedly said to the couple.

At that moment he was unarmed, but police later found he had left a pair of scissors elsewhere in the home that could have easily been used as a weapon.

“He was just looking over us,” Trent Tate said. “He even touched my wife’s face to push her toward the bed.”

Do you believe crime would drop if America guarded its borders better?

“I noticed he was completely naked, and that’s when I got triggered.”

The husband sprang into action, throwing the intruder to the ground and pinning him there for five minutes until police arrived.

When authorities finally got there and arrested the suspect, they identified him as Oscar Martinez Gomez.

Judging by the fact that there’s now an immigration hold against him, it’s almost certain that — you guessed it — Gomez is an illegal alien.

Now he’s facing a burglary charge, but the frightening situation could have been much worse.

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“Being a husband and seeing some random naked guy touch your wife, it really triggered something in me,” Trent Tate told The Morning News.

“We haven’t really slept since then because it’s always running through your head.”

Considering that this is Texas, the alleged intruder is lucky that he wasn’t met with the barrel of a gun.

The couple also said they are no longer comfortable living in the apartment, and plan on moving as soon as possible.

The Morning News reported that the couple had a dog elsewhere in the house who could have alerted them sooner, but Gomez allegedly entered directly into the bedroom through a window while the bedroom door stayed closed.

There are a few big takeaways from this incident. One of them is the classic adage, “when seconds count, police are minutes away.”

That was precisely the case here, and exactly why the right to self defense is so important.

Imagine for a moment if the details in this case had been slightly different.

What if the wife had been there by herself, or there was a child involved, or the intruder had decided to enter carrying a knife?

It took at least five minutes for cops to arrive on scene, and that was after the alleged criminal had been subdued.

Lawfully owned firearms can level the playing field in scenarios like this, which is why so many conservatives advocate for the Second Amendment.

The second takeaway, of course, is the illegal immigration angle.

Countless voices on the left seem to want Americans to shrug off what is happening.

They act as if we should all just leave our front doors open for anybody to stroll in, without knowing who they are or what they’re up to.

That’s not how home security works, and it’s not how border security works either.

America can be welcoming to law-abiding, hard-working immigrants while still controlling our front door.

How many break-ins, murders and other crimes need to be committed by illegal aliens before we take the situation seriously?

The next incident may end much more tragically, and it will be those who refuse to even admit that there’s a problem who hold responsibility.

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