Op-Ed: Patriots Should Engage in a Protest Fitting for Our Nation in Distress


In response to his potential indictment and arrest, President Donald Trump suggested this month that patriots should… protest, protest, protest!

In today’s political climate, it was a call that perplexed his supporters.

In light of all the fallout from J6, protests by patriots in the streets are inadvisable, as it has become common knowledge that such gatherings stand a very good chance of being infiltrated and defiled by instigators of violence working at the behest of the very government being protested, all to falsely portray the patriots as insurrectionists.

The question this leaves perplexed patriots who want now more than ever to exercise their constitutional right to protest is… if not in the public square, then how, when and where can we protest in a meaningful way?

The answer may be for them to protest in a symbolic way — like displaying the American flag in front of their homes and businesses in the manner needed to convey the distress this country is in… that is, upside down.

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Because our present government officials are undeniably and unnecessarily putting America and our former president in distress, as will always be the case when a two-tiered system of justice has been institutionalized to enable ideologically driven enforcers of the law to abuse their power to destroy their political enemies.

That is the reality of what America has become, and it was put on full display this month by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg.

Admirably, Sen. Rand Paul and others responded to this undeniable abuse of power by calling for Bragg’s arrest and, as far as these things go, this at first seemed like a good idea.

However, it only served to highlight a deeper problem with our present government for which Bragg’s abuses are only symptomatic: There is no authority in this country to effect such an arrest who possesses the inclination to do so due to the lop-sided system of injustice.

For instance, the attorney general of New York isn’t likely to ever arrest Bragg. Like Bragg, she campaigned on the promise to arrest Trump. If anything, she is probably only upset that Bragg — for a nanosecond — looked like he was going to beat her to the punch.

And that leaves us with Attorney General Merrick Garland or FBI Director Christopher Wray, who, for reasons obvious to most, are also highly unlikely to even consider doing anything to stop Bragg’s quest to politically neuter Trump. In fact, they are probably hoping that Bragg can pull off what they have repeatedly failed to do, if they aren’t actually secretly trying to help him.

Remember, these are the people who not only authorized and supervised the raid on Mar-a-Lago, but who were also busy protecting a future president’s son during the 2020 election — and thus protecting the “big guy” himself — from the fallout that would have been otherwise produced by the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop.

In fact, if we recall correctly, they successfully did bury the laptop, and admitted to doing so only after the election when it was verified by others to be something other than “Russian disinformation.”

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For all we know, it was perhaps hidden in the same FBI storage closet where they are continuing to conceal all the computers and laptops that we know they immediately seized from Jeffrey Epstein’s mansions after his “suicide.”

Those computers and laptops happen to contain thousands, if not tens of thousands, of sex videos that someone in our government is hiding to shield Epstein’s rich, famous and powerful former “clients” from ever having to suffer the embarrassment of having their sexual escapades with minors exposed.

All while that government dangles the imprisonment of Ghislaine Maxwell before the public to falsely demonstrate its commitment to the law and justice. In reality, her show trial was nothing more than a shiny object used to distract our attention away from all the evidence of the sexual crimes committed by the rich, famous and powerful among us whom Garland and Wray should be prosecuting and incarcerating… but aren’t.

Thus, one would be blowing in the wind to hope that these two federal law enforcement characters will ever have even an iota of interest in holding an ideological soulmate like Bragg accountable for any wrongdoing.

The last thing they want to see is Trump in the White House again with his hands placed on the levers of power and vested with the authority to expose them — and hold them accountable — for the crimes they have been committing to achieve the same end Bragg is now hoping to obtain: the political demise of Donald Trump.

But we digress.

Based on the above facts alone, surely it is fair to conclude that America is presently in a hot mess… and that’s even before we consider the invasion of our country by illegals, our plummeting economy, our hijacked elections and our illegitimately installed administration that seems intent on pushing all the relevant nations on this planet — including ours — into World War III.

Our nation’s distress should be protested by any patriot who loves what America is supposed to be. And that should commence with a declaration of national distress expressed symbolically across the land by patriots agreeing to fly the American flag upside down… until America is once again governed by those who will earnestly seek justice, protect liberty, uphold the rule of law and honor our Constitution.

Just imagine. If patriots were able to achieve these most fundamental objectives as a result of this simple — not to mention lawful and peaceful — symbolic protest, they would most surely deserve an honored place (along with certain “Bragging” rights) in the annals of our nation’s history.

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